Miru Dessert Cafe @ Damansara Uptown

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It has been awhile since I last wrote a dessert review. 
So, today I am going to write about Miru Dessert Cafe, which you should definitely come and have a visit, if you like dessert and toast like me ;)

Last week, my friend recommended me a new cafe, which is located at Damansara Uptown. 
When I first heard of Miru, I was like heh, it sounds like a Japanese word. 
And I felt a bit odd that I didn't know a new cafe has came out there, 
as the place is quite near from my house.

Yup, Miru Dessert Cafe is actually a Japanese dessert restaurant specialising in Shibuya Honey Toast and other desserts. It just opened 2 months ago, which is on September. 

Some really cute design that I found in the cafe <3

The interior design

Date of the day <3

Kimmy, who was looking at the menu, are looking cute here :D 

Why so cute la you ! ^.^

*the menu

Kimmy and I have been joking that it looks like Haraju Cube, if we put some Pocky or Pepero stick, and some fruits on top of the toast. Of course, the price of the toast in Haraju Cube is more expensive, due to the more fancy decoration of the toast. 

We have ordered the signature, which is Shibuya Honey Toast (Rm16). It's a thick honey toast, topped with vanilla ice cream, and served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. 
It is the best toast I have ever tasted. No joke man ! That day, I was actually quite full, after having my lunch with Kimmy at Sri Hartamas. I didn't expect much about the toast, and I thought that I will only eat some mouthful of it, as I just had had my lunch. But then I ended up, eating half of it :D

The outer part of the toast is crispy, while the inner part is honey sweet yet soft <3 
I wonder how they made it so tasty! Usually, I always made my french toast into outer black, inner soft; or outer soft, inner soft too :P (Except it's a honey toast not a french toast).
I was quite impressed, the moment I put it in my mouth and tasted it. 
No wonder it has gone quite popular in the town in just 1 months + !

Some behind of screen of taking a nice photo of the toast XD 

Thank you Kim for the photos. Thanks for being so patient <3

And also, selfie to remember the day :D 
Took more than 10 photos and this is the only sefie we took, that I am satisfied #girlsbeinggirls

Last photo to end the day (post)

I might be coming back here for their chocolate toast, which is also quite hot there! 
Who's with me ?  :)


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