What I Did In My Mid Term Sem Break

by - 9:17 AM

My mid term sem break just happened last week.
 And I am supposed to blog my Bangkok trip that happened 2 months ago XD 
Instead of blogging my vacation, I decided to blog about things that happened few days ago :P

I have been blogging everyday, of course not in blogger. 
But I blogged a lot in my Dayre :)
I blogged literally everything!

Like what I have done lately, thoughts, and even some very personal things. :P
I am more active in Dayre nowadays :)

Dayre is a very convenient app for people, who like to write.
It's more convenient than Blogger, as I can write anything I like, at anywhere, anytime :D
And more importantly, Dayre has really cute emoji stickers that Blogger don't have <3

I actually started writing in Dayre.
But then I changed to blogger, as there's some bugs.

Now, I blog in both Blogger and Dayre :P

I blogged in Blogger when I feel like blogging a very long post or when I have a lot of photos.
While for Dayre, it's like my personal Diary ;)
Therefore, it is very obvious that I will update there more often.

To know what I do everyday, or what I have done the last week,
 follow my Dayre: Cheryl Lim ;)

I will be very glad to see you :D
And it somehow motivates me to write more.

Have a nice day ~
Bye ~


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