Trip without parents | Bangkok | Day 5 |

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So here comes to the last day of our Bangkok trip :)

Yay! Finally !

After we had our breakfast, we chilled in our hotel until we got bored.
We actually wanted to go to a cafe and chill, but the cafe is located quite near to the place where the incident happened.

Due to the incident that had happened last night, we were not dare to go far,
but  hovering around our area.
Therefore, instead of wasting our time in the hotel, we went to the market nearby.

There is so many markets in Bangkok.
In the past few days, I have gone to so many markets, and I am still not tired of it yet :P

Saw this really cute mini Dorayaki selling in the market. 
It comes with 5 flavours, which are kaya, yam, peanut butter and butter, and red bean.

It looks so cute, thus we bought all 5 flavours to try.
It tastes very nice too. As it's freshly made in front of us. XD

And then we bought some chocolate drinks, imagine that we're actually in the cafe XD

Quote of the day :

Do what makes you happy
Be with who makes you smile
Laugh as much as you breathe
Love as long as you live <3

Went to the airport after we packed our stuff. Luckily our luggage didn't overweight. :D
We spent quite long in the airport, as we thought that it will jam, as a lot of people will be wanting to go back to their homeland. But, we reached the airport in 40minutes. 
We actually thought that we will spent 1 or 2 hours jamming in the highway XD

Since we have so many time, why not take an OOTD in the airport? :P

All busy uploading the photo to social media, when lining up to check in XD 

Then we had our early dinner in the airport, because we didn't eat anything for lunch, except the mini Dorayaki :P

We wanted to eat Mc Donald, as we heard that the McD in every country is different.
But the McD is so expensive :O The cheapest set is 200 baht ! 
And we didn't have so much money XD 
So, instead of that, we ate Subway :3

So lucky to sit at the window side, in both of our flights.

Took this photo before we take off <3 
The sky is so nice ~

Bye Bangkok ~ See you next time :)

Arrived Malaysia land :) My home at around 11pm. 

I was really glad to have the opportunity to go to oversea at this age. 
Even though, it's quite normal for some of you, or you guys have even gone to a far more further place than Bangkok.

 I always think that I am a lucky girl :)

Never compare your journey with anyone 
because your journey is your journey.
It's not a competition.

So, that's all for my 5 days 4 nights trip at Bangkok :)
Hope you guys enjoy reading it, and I hope that my stories don't bore you XD 


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