Trip without parents | Bangkok | Day 4 | Bomb in Bangkok

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Trip without parents | Bangkok | Day 3

On the forth day, after we had had our breakfast, we went to Pratunam Market. 

Pratunam Market is one of the major market in Bangkok, selling variety of clothes and accessories at  wholesale price. We went crazy over the clothes there, as it is SUPER cheap. The more you buy, the cheaper it will be. How can you don't buy over there? XD 

Furthermore, it's our last day shopping in Bangkok, 
because we were going back to Malaysia the next day.

 Spend la ! It's last day d ! 
Why are you even care to bring Thai Baht back to Malaysia ? :P

I didn't even got to capture a picture of the market. We went mad after entering the first store, as the clothes are 100 baht each :O You can't find this kind of price in Malaysia lor! 
And if you can, they are either very ugly or very very ugly :P

After that, we went to Pratunam Mall, which is just beside the market, to have our lunch.
I have ordered the Wan Tan Mee, which is quite different from Malaysia one, in the food court. 
And again, I still prefer Malaysia Wan Tan Mee XD 

After we had our lunch, we walked around the mall and we still thought that the clothes in Pratunam Market are far more cheaper. We bought so many clothes until we have no spare hand to carry anymore XD Our hands got the marks of the plastic bags handle, but we can bare with it :P

We went back to our hotel, put our stuff and rested for a while before we went out again.

I believe that a lot of you have already known Mango Tango.
It is so popular and so nice that my friend also recommended me the place XD.

Selfie with Jesslyn while waiting our dessert :3

I didn't know that each of us have to order one dessert. 
We actually wanted to order 2 desserts, because we wanted to go and try the
 other popular dessert in Bangkok. 

Since we ordered 4 plates of mango dessert, we just canceled the other dessert plan. 
Because we left not much money, and they're quite expensive :O 
4 plates of these costed us 425baht :/ 

Picture with one of my favourite mango dessert :)

The mangoes here are to die for <3 

This is so nice, that now only I know why is the place so popular. 

We even have to wait for a while, as there is so many people, 
and there is even no one empty table for us, in a weekday ! :O 

Took this photo infront of the doorstep of the cafe while waiting for our seats XD
Other customers might be staring at me, but me no care :P
Cause I love the lightning there <3

Mango Tango is just few steps away from Siam Square.
After we had our dessert, we went around Siam Square, Siam Paragon, and Central World.
They're all very close together.

But all the malls are like KLCC, Pavillion, as they sell all branded stuff,
which we can't really afford >.<

Outfit of the day :)

After walking around, and I finally bought a handbag for my mom from Naraya, 
we went to Big C mall for some snacks. It's just opposite the Central World. 

The Big C Supercenter is very big, and you can find almost all the snacks here. :D
I have bought almost all the MUST buy snacks including banana pocky, Kok Kae peanut, seaweed, mama maggie, tom yam paste, potato lays and others.

After buying all the snacks, we went to the small night market, which is just beside Central World.
We bought some snacks, as our dinner. Then, we saw a lot of ambulances passed by.

I didn't think much, as I thought it's just some normal accidents happened nearby, until the ambulance sounds keep ringing non stop. 
Then only we know that it must be a very serious accident. 

We tried to ask the local people there, what had happened, but they just said "no no" (language barrel again :/). And then we thought that maybe it's not that serious after all, until we heard a foreign tourist said that "We should leave here NOW !"

We actually didn't know that it's the bomb, until we reached the bridge of the BTS,
 and until I took this picture. 
The arrow below that road, if you see closer, it's actually the place, 
where the road was bombed. (If I am not mistaken)

We also didn't expect that the bomb was so close to us ! 
Luckily, we are all safe #thankgod #prayforbangkok

On our way to BTS, we saw more than 10 ambulances and police cars kept come and go.
We were afraid at that time, that the second bomb will be happened. 

The BTS suddenly became so crowded and we even saw reporters coming in the opposite direction, toward the place, where the bomb is! Don't they scared ? :O
The incident frightened us so much, that we wish that we can leave the place as soon as possible.

The Thai people were so kind. Their ticket machine only accepts coins. And that time, we were lack of coins to buy one last ticket, and the exchange cashier was full of people :O Then, there is this kind lady, gave us her coins, without asking anything in return :) We actually wanted to give her the notes and change with her, but she insisted on giving the coins to us :D Thank you !

After reached our hotel, we received some messages asking whether we were ok or no.
Which mean that the news have spread to the world within a few hours :O 
I am amazed by the power of network again. 

We confronted them that we were fine, but we didn't tell them that we were 300m away from the place, until we got back home. 

We actually wanted to go and massage that night, but unfortunately, we didn't expect this to be happened. What a trilling experience, my first time in Bangkok. 
Luckily it happened when we were going back the next day, or not our parents might be super worry.

A VERY Unforgettable Bangkok Trip I got :P


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