Trip without parents | Bangkok | Day 3 | Damneon Floating Market & Road Fai Market

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It's like everyone is studying now, preparing for their final examination, and I am here blogging XP
Am I doing the right thing now? Urgg.... But I don't have the feel to study la :(

Every time, when it comes to exam, I will always find other things to do, except doing my revision. I will become so active in blogging (like what I am doing right now), or helping my mom to do some house work, etc :/

Oh well ~ Since I have started blogging my Day 1 and Day 2, I am going to keep blogging until Day5. Guilty max for not studying, as there's only left 21 more days. :O

But, I got the mood to blog my Bangkok trip after procrastinated this post so long!
Hmm... So, I should finish blogging this trip as soon as possible, so that I can have no more reasons for not doing my revision >.<

Yup, I should continue blogging now :P

To read my previous post, click the link down below  :)

Morning ~ Rise and shine :) 
Had my simple breakfast early in the morning. 

We woke up at around 5.30am, cause there is only one toilet in our room, so we have to take turn. 
I actually wanted to go there by ourself, since I found a link that is quite useful. It taught us how to go to Damneon Floating Market and its explanation is very clear. So, I was quite confident to go their ourself, but then we saw a package that is available in our hotel. 

The package is 550 baht per person, and we got to go to not only the floating market, but also the Elephant ride and handicraft centre. (The elephant ride fee is not included)

Photo taken in the mini van. :) Please bare with my eye bags XP

At last, we decided to go by the package because it's easier and after calculating the cost, we found that there's no much difference. 

Besides that, if we go by the package, the van will come to our hotel and fetch us. 
But if we go there by ourself, we have to go to the bus stop and face problems communicating with the people, and other possible problems. 

After reached our destination, we were at the first pier, where it will send us inside the market.
If you don't want to sit this boat, you can walk to the market, and there'll be another pier for boats that are go along the market. 

This boat only brought us to the market, and it's different from the boats that are in the market.
This boat only went along the houses and didn't stop at all, until we reach the market.

While the boats in the market, move relatively slower and crowded, compared to this. 
That boat goes along the shops, like the photo below. People can buy food, and souvenirs from them, but the things there are quite pricy, as it's one of the tourist areas. :3

Back to the story. 
So, I helped my cousin sister to take photo while we were in the boat. 
The boat was quite shaky, and my hands kept shaking, without my will. 
I have taken more than 5 photos, and this is the only one that I think is the best one XD 

Photo credit to Jesslyn :)
I actually wanted it to be landscape, as it's nicer in the post. 
But she took all in portrait, and I didn't realise until we got back to hotel XD 

This is the second pier boat service that is in the market, I mentioned earlier. 
 This boat service is 150 baht per person and it only takes 30 minutes. 

The another difference between the first boat service and the second one, is that the first one is using the motor, while the second one is using human force. 

We didn't sit this boat, as we has sit the first one, and this boat service is not included in the package we bought. We decided to walk along the side, as it's almost the same thing to walk to sit the boat. 

If we didn't sit the boat at the first pier, then we might consider sitting this. 
Since it's an experience sitting the boat along the Bangkok river. 

Selfie ~ While waiting our food to be served. 
We have ordered the some boat noodles, which is quite popular there, 
even though we were not hungry yet.  

This is the pork noodle soup, that they strongly recommended.

And this is the beef noodle soup. Each bowl is 50 baht, which I don't think that is cheap at all.
The portion is small, and the taste is ok ok only, plus I am not sure where they got the water from :/ 

Luckily, we were not hungry, and we just ordered 2 bowls. 

Before we leave the place, I helped Wen QI to take this photo. 
While Carena and Jesslyn were resting at the side. 

After that, we went to the elephant ride. We were not interested in riding the elephants, as we have rode the elephant before. And then, while I was looking at the elephants, I somehow pity them.
They have to obey what the human asked them to do and I don't know what they have gone through to become so obedient.

Besides elephant ride, there is also white tiger and crocodile available for you to take photo with.
The white tiger is so pretty! I remember that I took a photo of that, but I can't find it now ! >.<
When I say a photo, I mean photo that I took outside the fence, with the worker just beside it.

I didn't pay to take photo with the white tiger, as it's quite pricy.
And the white tiger looks lonely :( I think it missed its parents and the nature.

Then, we went to this handicraft centre where there is this big Buddha sat in front of the door. 
It is called the Watchful Buddha and the Buddha face is carefully carved using a special method, so that it looks like it is watching us in any dimension. 

It also transmit a message that God know what you did and encourage us not to do bad things.
人在做,天在看 !

It is an experience, as we got to look around the place. 
All the wood craft amazed me, as they're so delicate !
I wonder how long they took, to finish this masterpiece of work :D 

This elephant looks so REAL :O 
Will you guys think that it's actually made up of wood, if I didn't mention anything?

Impressive right ? :)

Not sure what is it called, but if you see closely, it's another amazing work !

Love this photo so much, as the natural sunlight shone that way, it made my hair colour into 
puplish-blue <3 

After all the visits, it's already late afternoon, and we haven't eaten our lunch :(
The van dropped us at one of the MRT and we headed to have our lunch. 

The place that we wanted to go was at Sukhumvit 33, and it look us like half an hour 
to find the place :O 
I found this restaurant in one of the "Best Restaurants in Bangkok" website. 
And we didn't expect that it's so hard to find. 
All credits to communication barrel :(

We asked a lot of people there and we were like chicken trying to communicate with duck :/
Some pointing to the left side, and some said that it's at the opposite side. 
Who should we trust ? :O

Luckily, we found a very helpful guard (fortunately, he's not the bad guy, that we always find in the movie XD), he brought us to the restaurant correctly. We were so thankful, as we're so tired and hungry, walking up and down the road. 

So, this restaurant is called Ruan Sungnaree Thai Restaurant. By the time we reached the restaurant, it's actually quite empty, as it's already passed lunch time.
We simply ordered a plate of meat, a plate of vegetable and their MUST eat papaya salad. 

To tell the truth, the food are ok ok only, except the papaya salad. 
It's my first time eating it, so I can't really tell whether it's super nice or what. 
But the taste is acceptable for all of us :)

After we had our lunch, we went to another market, Rod Fai Market (Train Market). 
This place is almost the same like the previous market that I have gone, but there is one special thing about this market. One of its attractions is that it sell a lot of vintage stuff. 

This place is actually quite hard to find (language barrel again). And we at last decided to go there by cab (Be aware of scam! It is better to use a meter cab), after asking so many people, and they still don't know where to of :O

Luckily, there is 4 of us, or not the cab fees will be quite expensive. 

There is other vintage cars there but I found that this pink one is the nicest one XD 

Selfie with the car, while others were too tired, resting on the bench XD

This is the entrance. When the cab driver dropped us down here, we were doubted that whether it's the correct place, as it is completely different from what we found in the internet. But the further we went inside, the more confirm we were that it's the correct place, as we saw a lot of vintage stuff. 

Our legs were no longer our legs, after walking so long throughout the past three days :P
But we were actually enjoying ourself (sort of), as we got to shop and travel together. 
That's what I think la :)

Travel with someone who can tolerate you, is one of the best thing while going oversea :D 
Thanks for tolerating me :)


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