Trip without parents | Bangkok | Day 2 | Chatuchak Market

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Hey ya, I am back with my Bangkok trip day 2 ;) 
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Morning ~ Had our breakfast in the hotel.
I didn't expect that they will prepare breakfast for us. :D
Cause since it's a budget hotel, so I assumed that there'll be no breakfast.

So, after we had our breakfast, we headed to Chatuchak market at around 8am.
We wanted to go there as early as possible so that the sun is not that burning yet,
 and we can shop longer :)

For Day 2, we didn't do much, but shopped :P
Chatuchak market is one of the world's largest and famous flea markets that is opened on weekends only. There are a lot of shops selling handicraft, clothes, foods, accessories and others. You will never get bored shopping as the things there are SUPER cheap!

I bought 2000 baht for that day and were very cautious about using my money,
so that I don't use all of my money just in day 2 :P

The place can even improve our bargain skills, as we bargained at every stores that we have gone XD
Even when the things they sold are already very cheap, we just bargained.

Saw this really cute body soaps there and they smell exactly like the fruits ! <3 
It so pretty and it's very cheap !
60 baht for 1 and you can bargain until 40-50 baht each. 

Have you noticed that the shape of the soap at the top there is actually a penis? 
I didn't notice that at first, because I got attracted by the soaps until someone said it out XD 

If you're wondering where is Carena, she is actually just beside the clothing store XD 
She is more interested in clothes than the soap.

After shopped for a while, we decided to rest and have our lunch before continue shopping :D
So we got Pad Thai (again) and the fried rice at one of the stores there.

Have I mentioned that their fruits are very sweet? 
We got coconut water and orange juice, and both of them are so sweet and nice, 
that we thought they have added sugar in it. 
But we are sure that they din't put any syrup in the coconut water,
as we looked at them taking off the coconut shell and pour the water out. 
How come their fruits are so nice one? :O

A photo at the middle of the Chatuchak road. 
It's damn crowded ! 

Actually I planned to post this photo in Instagram one, but then I just missed the chance as I was so tired after got back to the hotel XP

Coconut ice cream :D 
The real Thai coconut ice cream ! (40 baht ONLY! with 2 toppings)
In Malaysia, it's Rm5/6 right? And I don't know why I think that the Thai one is nicer :P

We actually didn't think that we can spend the whole day there. 
We actually planned to go a shopping mall after we done shopping in Chatuchak, but the place is so big, that we just had not enough time to shop the whole place just in one day ! XP

In the end, we just left the place, because we were going to have our dinner in the shopping mall, as planned. We left the place with our painful legs, as we walked too much. Even that, we also wanted to continue shopping :P

We delayed our dinner and decided to rest in the hotel, instead of do more shopping in the mall. 
As we don't think that we will buy anything there :)

Had our dinner at Phan Khom Thai Cuisine in Central World. 
I have searched a lot of nice restaurants in Bangkok, and this Phan Kom Thai Cuisine caught my eyes. The food is quite nice, but the portion is small :( 
Didn't expect that it came out so small portion and it costed us 647 baht for this meal. 
Especially that green curry chicken! It tastes so nice, but it just came in a small bowl, 
so we just got to eat 2-3 pieces of boneless meats :O

After dinner, it's almost 10pm and we were not able to shop around the mall. 
We wanted to go to Naraya, but they didn't allow us to go in, as they're closing and everyone was lining up in the cashier. 

So, we just headed back to our hotel and count it as a day. 

On the way back to the hotel, we bought some choco banana pocky, that is a must to buy in Bangkok, as you can never find this flavour in Malaysia. I also bought this milk, which taste like yakult :D 
So nice to drink! And I got my supper prepared ;)

After arranging our hauls, and bathed, we slept quite early that day, as we were going to Damneon Floating Market tomorrow and we needed to wake up early. 

We were so tired and satisfied at the same time :D
Thailand is really a nice place to shop! 泰好玩,泰好買 (nice to play, nice to shop)

Thanks for reading <3 


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