Trip without parents | Bangkok | Day 1 | Grand Palace & Wat Pho

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It's my very FIRST time going oversea WITHOUT my parents XD
I was so excited the day it came, because I was going to the place that I have been wanting to go <3 

There is only 4 of us, all girls, and 3 of us didn't go to Bangkok before, while the other one has been there once. So, it's kind of an adventuring trip.

Therefore, to minimise the accidents and fully enjoy ourselves there, we did our homework!

Everyone of us have to suggest 2 places that we wanted to go. Jesslyn and I arranged the schedule; my elder sister, Carena booked the flight and hotel; Wen Qi is the treasurer .

Wen Qi, Jesslyn, Me

Our flight was 7am, therefore we woke up at 3am that day :O
And I just slept for 3 or 4 hours only >.<
Because I haven't done packing my stuff :P

Had our McD breakfast in the airport :)

Also, not to forget to take a selfie before I landed off :P

Great views outside the plane <3
 I set this as my desktop cover, because it's so beautiful :D

The first thing that you must do before you leave the airport is to take a Map of Bangkok!
It helps us a lot while going from a place to another, as there's a barrier between  the Thais and us.
They don't speak English and we don't speak Thai. :/

The map consisted some popular places that we are going and it helped us a lot while just showing them the places that we wanted to go.

By the day we leave Bangkok, my map has become '咸菜', and you know how often I used it.

So, from Dom Neong Airport, we sat the bus  to the nearest BTS (Chatuchak).
We actually wanted to sit the taxi to our hotel, but we think that sitting the bus and BTS is cheaper :D
*Be aware of the taxi scam! It's better to use a meter taxi.

We are staying in a budget hotel, named Take a Nap.
The reason why we chose this hotel is because it's really cheap, it provides Wifi, it is very near to both BTS and MRT, and they provides 4-beds room :D
And the stuff there is very friendly, and helpful ! 

After we settled our luggage, we went for our first meal at Bangkok.
Erm, their chicken rice (40 baht) doesn't suit our preference because we don't really like the sauce.
We saw a lot of people eating this stall, so we decided to give it a try,
but it disappointed us much, and we still prefer the Malaysia chicken rice XD

We went to 2 temples for Day1 ( The Grand Palace and Wat Pho) 
as the temples in Bangkok is very famous. 

We sat the BTS to Saphan Taksin and then sat this boat to our destination.
There is a tourist guide in the boat and explaining stuff about the buildings along the Chao Phraya River. We stopped at Tha Chang Pier (N9) and followed the crowd to our first destination, The Grand Palace ! (Super big and grand; 500 baht)

Wen Qi, Jesslyn, Carena's sleepy face
(She didn't sleep for the whole night)

What I do the best :P

Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)
We actually wanted to go this temple, but by the time we visited both Grand Palace and Wat Pho, we didn't left much time :/ So, we keep it for our next trip :P

Took a group photo outside the Grand Palace
(Shit >. > I look ugly here)

The day is very sunny, the place is very big, we walked a lot, we exposed a lot to the sun and luckily we have put a lot of sun screen ;)

There's 9 buildings in this Grand Palace, and you can't imagine how big it is. 
I think we didn't go all the buildings. It's really big and we spent almost 2 hours there XD

Took tons of photos in front of this building XD
Because it's TOO pretty <3

Resting under the trees :) One of the pleasure in Bangkok XD 
The sun is burning ! But it's better than rain :D 

 Another building :3

After we visited the Grand Palace, we bought some fruits to gain some water and minerals, that we have lost, due to sweat too much.

The Thai fruits are SOOO sweet. I don't dare to eat too much of their fruits, cause I am scared that I will get diabete  XP

A selfie a day, keeps sadness away ;)

Then we went to Wat Pho (100 baht) to take photos with this beautiful Buddha <3

Nice right? #nofilter. 
It's like she just came down from the sky <3

There is these small building, like decorations around the main building. 

Erm, I know it's weird XD 

The Wat Pho is relatively smaller than Grand Palace, but not that small. 
Took a lot of photos, but can't put all them in, or not this post will never end :P

So cute :P 
(Complimenting the sculpture and also myself) 

The Kao San Road.
When I was taking this photo, there is a lot of tourists photo boomed in (like purposely!) XD 
They're so cute. But I waited them to 'vanish' in front of me only take this picture :P

There's a lot of henna store there. And it's actually quite nice :D 
But I don't really like henna, so I didn't do one.

Had our Pad Thai (140 baht) as dinner :) 
The only dish that I know in Thai name :P (except TomYam)

And that's all for the day.
Hope you guys enjoy reading.
And FINALLY ! I am blogging about my Bangkok trip after so long XD
Will be updating my Trip without parents | Bangkok | Day 2 soon :)

So, please be patient ya ~
And comment below if you have any questions like how I go there or
How much I spent for anything ~
I recorded all of them down ;) In case I don't over budget :D

Thanks for reading ! <3


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