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After reading Timothy Tiah's blog about how people presented themselves in social media and Fourfeetnine's Dyare, I decided to do this hashtag #thetruthis to continue the trend :D

A lot of people nowadays cared a lot about how many likes they have in Facebook, how many followers they got in Instagram, how many people shared their post and etc. 

And there is also some of them  cared about other people have branded bag, branded 
watch and they don't have, 
or other people are going oversea every year and they are not,
or other people are enjoying their lives, playing around, and they are not. 

If you think that you are unlucky, unlike the others, having rich parents, or having pretty face or body shape. Why don't you think that you're very blessed that you have enough food to eat and have a healthy body?

Sometimes, things that you see, might not be true. 
When you saw someone carrying a branded bag, 
you might not know that she is having a bunch of loans;
When you saw someone is laughing so hard, 
you might not know that she's deeply hurt inside. 

Why not carry a cheap handbag with tons of money inside, instead of a branded handbag with no money inside :D 

So, back to the topic. The true me ....

Myth 1: People think that I am slim 

This picture is taken at a low angle and far. Therefore, I look slim ! 
Okay, maybe not that slim :P

 The truth is: I am a fat ass >.< 
(Those who see me in real person, will definitely know)

I look damn fat in this picture (Image ruined! Xl )
My legs look like the elephant legs and I have tummy :(
It is damn obvious that my stomach is super round.
 I will not shock if someone asked me how many month I got X(
Seriously don't know how many days of foods are inside there >.<

Myth 2: I have flawless skin

I wish I have this flawless and white skin <3 

The truth is: I do not have flawless skin :O 

My forehead is my nightmare >.< It goes worse when I sleep late or stress :(
And I have serious eye bags and dark circles when i do not have enough sleep T.T

There's one time, when my mom asked me, "Hey Cheryl, are you wearing makeup now? Why do you draw your eye bags? It's not nice la." 
But mom .... I didn't makeup that day la :'( 

Photo edit is my live saver <3 Thanks for the advancement of technology! I got to edit my picture nicely and cheat people (myself) that I have flawless skin XP 

Myth 3: I am not jealous of the couples 

I always tell my friends that I love freedom, I don't want to get tied by the other half, I want to fly like a bird, freely in the sky. 

The truth is: I sometimes jealous the couples :/ 

Especially when I am surrounded with the lovely birds ...
Their eyes can only fit their loved one and friend can't even squeezed in :Z

And then I will wonder, where is my prince charming :O 

I want to couple too :P
I need some love <3 

Myth 4: I look like I don't enjoy food

If you know me, you will know that I am a slow eater :P 

The truth is: I love food <3 

I will never say no to dessert, if I have money that I am unable to used up and if I won't get fat. 
I actually love food, and I sometimes hope that I will get Aneroxia, so that I can lose some weight. 
But deep inside me know that, it will never going to happen because I love food :D 

It might not be obvious, but I always feel better after eating food, or dessert. 
And the reason why I am a slow eater, is because I ENJOY the food ma. :P

Myth 5: I always get pretty candid shot

Nice right ^.^

The truth is: I don't always get perfect candid shot XD

Do you know that I have taken more than 20 photos just to get a nice one ? 
And since, I purposely asked my sister to take photo of me. 
It's no longer a candid, but a fake candid XP

So, that's some of the myth that I thought of. Of course, there's other things that you guys don't know. But I decided to keep them inside, so that I still have some of my little secret :P

Thanks for reading ~ Bye ~


The truth of behind some of the pictures. 

Sharing some behind the scene photos, that I really like, to you guys

These are from a Thai Photographer, who called Champoo Baritone (if I am not mistaken) :)

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