September Favourites 2015

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Hello October and Bye September 

September is quite a busy month for me, as I have a lot of assignment due and test. 
But I made it :D I have done some my assignments and tests. 
And I got good and also bad results :/

Besides doing school works, I have been enjoying myself during the month.
You can't keep doing your work without any entertainment right?
At least I can't :P

So, today I am going to share some of my favourite things in the month of September ;)

1. Book

I am currently reading this book, called Stake That by Mari Mancusi. 
I bought it in Big Bad Wolf last year, and now only I read it XD 
I should read it earlier ! As this book is really nice :D 

I started reading it few days ago, before September ended. And I used less than 1 week to finish it :D 
It's not like I can read an English book very fast, but it's very interesting. 
I just can't stop reading it :P The language is not hard, 
which is also one of the reasons why I can read it so fast ^.^

So, this book is all about a girl, who wants to become a vampire, but the vampire took a bit out of her identical twin sister by mistaken ! The story is written in a form of a blog, she shares all her life and thought to her readers in social media. And she falls in love with a very cute and hot guy <3 
So, this book is not scary at all, unlike the book cover, but a bit of romance <3 
I love romance XD 

2. Cosmetic

Few days ago, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my friend, You Jin to do some shopping. 
And then I saw Kate Malaysia was doing a 15seconds kind of challenge using their eyebrow pencil.
So, I decided to buy their eyebrow pencil to try my luck. :)

Surprisingly, the eyebrow pencil is very easy and nice to use. 
I was using Innisfree eyebrow pencil before I change to Kate. I thought that the Innisfree one is the easiest and most natural one, but I was wrong :O

After using the Kate's eyebrow pencil, I found some differentiations between them.
The first one, is that the colour of the Kate is slightly lighter than Innisfree, which brings out a more natural eyebrow, and you don't have to worry if you accidentally drew it too heavy. While I was using  Innisfree eyebrow pencil, I sometimes accidentally drew my eyebrow too heavy, which result me to have a thick and dark eyebrows like Xin Chan XD 

The other reason is that the pencil is came with a sponge at the other side, instead of a brush, for you to blend your eyebrows evenly. The Kate sponge is more gentle than the brush, where I found that I lost my eyebrows hair when I was using the Innisfree eyebrow brush :P
Do you guys have any problem with this kind of eyebrow brush? Or it's just me ? 

3. Outfit

Top from one of the shops when I was shopping with YouJin 
Bottom from Taobao ;)

Outfit ! Oh ya, my favourite part!
I am slowly changing my style to a monotone colour. 
And it's quite hard for me to change my wardrobe clothes from mostly pink to black and white.
So, when I shop for clothes, I always skip those colours and go for monotone. 

People might think that I suit pink, as they think that I am short and kind of 'cute' :3
And won't encourage me for taking mono colour, as those colors are more mature. 
But, it's time for me to change my style :)
 I can't be wearing all pink even after I graduate or old right ? 
It'll be weird. Like super weird :P

4. Movie

I have watched 4 movies in a month. I have broken my own record XD 
I don't watch movie frequently, as I think that it's kind of waste money :P
Spending Rm12 for just a 2 hours movie, is just not my type.
I will rather spend on buying things that I like. 

 My 5th movies from NuffnangMy is Hotel Transylvania 2. So, thanks to NuffangMy for the movie tickets again. And my favourite movie for the month is The Intern, I think. Because I didn't expect much for the movie, so it surprised me a lot, when you didn't expect anything. 

Like, for Hotel Transylvania 2, I has already expect that it will be a funny movie, so it didn't surprise me very much, even though it's really funny :D 
Or even The Inside Out, I have already know that it is  an entertaining and touching movie, so I expected it to be like that. And I still cried in some of the scenes :P

5. Song

My favourite song for September <3 

It's really really nice. And even Daphne blogged about it ! :D
Really excited for the movie to come to Malaysia ^.^

The lyrics is very meaningful and I am actually humming the song now XD 

Besides that, Korean OST is always LOVE <3 
Especially after you watching the drama. You will fall into the song, and all the imagines will eventually come out from your brain. Got a lot of feel lor ! 

I am watching the Mask and the song Even If one day, by Lyn is <3 

6. Drama

Last but not least, Korean drama. I have listed some of the nice dramas here and I have watched most of them :P Except The Producers :( I can't find subtitle for that drama :( 
If you have any recommendation for website to watch that drama, please tell me !
 I will really appreciate it. I don't know why it's the only one I can't find :(

The first one is Oh My Ghost. It's really nice and there's always an exciting part in every episodes, which might kill you brain cells :P
The first 2 episodes are quite scary, but the following episodes are more to comedy and romance <3

The drama gets more exciting when the ghost possessed into the girl's body, because it always do something stupid to seduce the guy XD 

The second one is Yong Pal. I just finished watching this. And I think it's very nice. Just that the ending is like half hanging there >.< Why 18 episodes only :(

The guy is a surgeon, so there is some disgusting scene about him operating the patients. 
So, please be aware if you can watch those scenes. 
But overall, it's a very nice drama :)

So, that's all about my September favourite :) 
Share your September favourite with me by commenting below to let me know ;) 
I will be glad to read from you.


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