October Favourite 2015

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Very fast, October has gone, and November has come.
Sorry for the delay, as I am having my finals. #prayhard

Today, I am going to blog my October Favourites (obviously).Are you guys excited? :D
Okay, maybe you're not. But I am excited !
Because I have finished 2 papers of my final, and two more papers to go :D
And then, I will be free from stress ~

So, here goes my October favourites....

Oh by the way, I have created a new tag, which is favourite <3
I will be blogging my monthly favourites there (hopefully),
 so go and check my previous month favourite ;)
If you haven't read.

For my October favourites, there is no books or novels. If you really want me to choose, I will choose my business law book XD Because I was having exams for the past few days, which mean that I used most of my time to read my course books. I am hardworking right :P

I actually reserved a book to read, when I am free, but I haven't started it, and there's no point telling a lie that I like the book, when I haven't even read the book. Even though my sister said that it's nice and she had already told me the plot :3 Might share it next month, if it's really nice ;)

1. Cosmetics

It's Kate product again <3
 I got this Kate Liquid Eyeliner few weeks ago, and I found that it's really nice :D 
 It's my first time trying out a liquid eyeliner, and I think that it's very fluid and easy to use.
Even though I just used this for just 2/3 times, as I just got it, I love how easy it is to apply! 
But, I recommend this to those who know how to draw eyeliner, and not beginners.
Because I think that it will be easier for you to learn to draw an eyeliner using a pencil first. 

If you're curious, I was using the Mabelline Hyper Sharp liner before I change to this. 
The Mabelline eyeliner is easy to use, but I found that the line is too thin for me. And I have to apply more than 3 times to thicken my eye liner. I think that it's more suitable for beginners or when you want to draw wings. It's eaiser to hold, and it's thinner. So, if you have carelessly drew it wrong, it won't be obvious, and you can just thicken the line to cover the mistake. 

2. Song

This song is love <3 The rhythm is so nice, and I always love soft music.
Besides that, JJ Lin is always one of my favourite Taiwan singers :D
He is so talented and handsome! He's a singer, a songwriter and now he is an actor!
I admire guys, who have something for me to admire.

The movie looks nice. My sister even cried, when she was watching the trailer :')
And I want to watch and cry so hard when I am watching the movie XP
Silly me ~ I love watching sad movies or story books.
I love happy ending one too. And I think that I am weird.
I love happy and sad movies at the same time.
I think, as long as there's strong emotion, I will eventually love the movie. :)

3. Korean Drama

Mask ! The drama is so nice <3
I remember I shared the original soundtrack of the drama last month !
This drama is not very new, but it's not too late to watch the drama.
There's so many korean dramas coming out, and it's quite hard for us to choose when you don't even know which drama is nice. So, to make your life easier, I am going to share one of my favourite dramas every month :P (I watch 2-3 dramas at the same time).

As you guys know, I was having exams past few days, but I can't resist on watching drama. It's like a treat that I gave myself for studying so hard *cough cough* Hahahaha.

So, this drama is basically talking about the main actress (Byun Ji Sook), who was born in a poor family, having a huge debt, and the main actor (Choi Min Woo), who was born in a wealthy family.
Min Woo's brother-in-law wanted to revenge, therefore he made Min Woo to go insane and prevented Min Woo from being a successor.  Min Woo's fiancee, who has the same face as Ji Sook (doppelganger), died because of an incident, and everyone thought that Ji Sook is his fiancee.
Will Ji Sook deceive the whole family successfully and living happy ever after with Min Woo ? (romance)
Will Min Woo die because of his brother-in-law? (revenge)
Watch it yourself. if you want to know ;)

4. Photo edit app

Snapseed !
It's my sister favourite photo edit apps, and she recommended it to me.
Now, it has become my favourite app of all <3
Really love it and feel amazed with their editing function!
The function that I love the most is the selective adjust <3
You can adjust any spot that you want it to be brighter or contrast. It is amazing! And I don't find any other photo edit app like this.

See the huge different in the photo? I swear that I didn't filter or do anything to the original photo :P
And I am not that tanned because this photo was taken backlight >.<
My sister even said that I look like an Indian XD

It's available in both app store and android. Feel free to check this amazing app.
It might be hard to understand how it works at first, but you will eventually get used to it and
LOVE it ! Watching youtube tutorials might help you on how to use the app.

5. Youtuber

Found this very cute youtuber in my recommended box in Youtube.
And now I am going to recommend Sunnydahye to you guys ! I love watching her video, especially her story.

Sometimes, I tend to live on life that what people want me to be. Because I am scared of their judgement. So, I always tell myself to have a strong heart, and be myself who I want to be. Being the way they want me to be is just an opinion, not a statement. I am free to make my own choice. I should become more confident :) If you're scared of people judging you, you will forever trapped in your own comfy zone, and that's what others say "the quiet people".
Thus, I always encourage myself to be adventurous and let go all the worries to have a try.

This video actually encouraged me to go and try v-logging. To become a youtuber is not an easy stuff. As I said, I am scared of people judging me. But recently, I started to have interested on editing video :D (check out my previous post, my first time vlogging) All thanks to Suen, who taught me how to edit video and I have taken my first step toward a youtuber! :D

What I learnt is that never underestimate yourself.
The first step is always hard, but it will eventually okay :)
Btw, do you guys recommend me to speak English or Mandarin in the video? Just asking :)
Going to post another video after my exams.

Thanks for reading ^.^


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  1. Yasssssssssss, when you become famous, must credit me 😝🙆🏻😘

    1. Hahahaha LoL ~ You taught me all basic nia. I still have a lot of thing to learn XD