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I believe that a lot of people must have watched You Who Came From The Star. 

It is so popular because of the two main actors, who are so beautiful and handsome :D 

I am not sure whether you guys still remember this scene, where Cheon Song Yi had her fried chicken and beer as her supper. At that time, when I was watching this drama, I was like "OMG, it looks damn tasty!" and I started to slobber :P 

I wished that at that point of time, I can eat that fried chicken and drink the beer like her, with my Do Min Joon shi besides me XD *in my dream 

Now my wish has came true :D 
Because Kyo Chon chicken is finally here in Malaysia ! 
There is 3 outlets, and the outlet that I went is at One Utama. 

The Kyo Chon's ambassador is Lee Min Ho, who is also one of my favourite Korea actors <3
I have watched almost all of his drama, such as The Heirs, Boys over Flowers, City Hunter, Faith, and others <3 

Hahaha okay, back to Kyo Chon ~
I was too excited to see Lee Min Ho, as their ambassador :D 

Kyo Chon emphasised that their chicken is free of antibiotics, and hormones. And they also don't use frozen chicken, to ensure the freshness taste of the chicken. 
There is no MSG, less grease and more taste. 

I am the kind of person, who are very concerned about my health, because my parents always taught me not to eat unhealthy food, and eat more vegetables. Therefore, I love vegetables :D 
My parents will never bring us to eat fast food, like Mc Donald, and KFC. 

It's always either I go there myself with a bunch of friends, or with my siblings, when my parents are not around. My parents don't really encourage us to eat fast food. 
Except, if we really want to eat burger or fried chicken, she will cook for us :D 

So my siblings and I got to try Kyo Chon fried chicken last week, as my parents were outstation to attend a wedding dinner. 

We have a small appetites, so we ordered only one set meal, which serves 2 person and an extra plate of spicy wingette and and drumette. The foods are not that cheap, but it is worth to try. 

The set is came with a plate of honey drumstick, salads, wedges, 2 bowls of white rice, soups and sparkling plum fruit tea, and sparkling yuza fruit tea. 

This is their spicy series, wingette and and drumette (Rm18 for 8 pieces).
If you like spicy, you should definitely choose this. Their spice is quite strong, but not very. 
It's crispy outside, and soft inside. <3 I wonder since when I last ate a fried chicken.
*suck my fingers for the after taste :D

But, I am a bit disappointed as the fried chicken has no less grease as they mentioned. 
I still can see some oil left on the plate :/ Maybe there's too many people and they wanted to serve their customers as soon as possible. 

Their wedges are just like the normal wedges. 
It's quite dry, and I hope that their is mayonnaise or chilli sauce, to match the wedges :P

Their signature honey drumsticks :D ( Rm23.50 for 4 pieces). 
The drumstick is relatively bigger than the drumette. But the skin is not that crispy as we expected.
I think it's because of the honey, that has made the skin not crispy.

Even though it is not crispy, but the taste is still very nice, and the meat is very tender :D  

Oh ya, and not to forget to mention their salad. They're using some fruit sauce for their salad, unlike the normal sauce that we eat. I don't know whether it's the vegetables or what, it has a bitter 
taste in it :3 But it didn't affect much :) I still like their salad :)

Thanks for the treat, big sister ;)

I hope that Kyo Chon can always achieve their promises that they will 
- never serve fast food
-always use 100% natural ingredients 
-and always make healthy fried chicken from the heart. :D 

And now, it's your turn to try their chicken, and tell me whether they worth the price ;)
Thanks for reading :D 
See you guys next time ;)


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