A Date @ Caffeinated Cabin and Humble Pie

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It's okay not to have boyfriend, when you have girl friend :D

If you have read my dayre, you might already know what happened,
so you can just skip this post.
If you don't, just continue to scroll down ;)

So, the story went like this. I am supposed to go out with a bunch of friends to have our lunch at Uncle Jang. But they last minute said that they're not going, due to personal issues.
I understand their situations and the bunch of people became just Hui Suen and me :/

Hui Suen actually thought that I will cancel the outing, since almost all of them said no.
To her surprise, I actually said yes XD

Now, it just left Suen and me are going out. And we can't go Uncle Jang because only left two of us. We might not be able to finish our food.

We changed our plan, and we decided to go and explore new cafe :D
Suen suggested that we can go to Caffeinated Cabin, since I am craving for pasta ^.^
Why do you request for boyfriend, to let them have the tendency to hurt your heart,     
when you have such caring friend <3 

The cafe is actually very small and it's located just beside the salon. 

When the Waze said "You have reached your destination", 
both of us were like "Huh? Where?"
So, I stopped beside the road and the Waze goes "turn left ..." 
And then Suen and I was like "did we passed the cafe?" XD

We ended up that we actually passed by the cafe, 
and I have to go a big round to go back the place >.<

This time, I drove slower, and when the Waze said "You have reached your destination"
for the second time, we are actually staying in front of a salon :O
The truth is, the cafe is actually hided beside the salon. XD

I found that this decoration is quite nice :D

It took some time for the food to be served, but the waiter is very nice and helpful. 
He keeps refilling our water and when the food is here, he keeps apology for us to wait so long.

We think that there is only one chef in the cafe, since the cafe is really small, 
and they didn't expect that so many people coming. 
The cafe is actually almost filled up with people.

The sun shone through the glass, and makes my skin so nice <3 

And then, at the corner of my eyes, I saw suspicious Suen was actually taking picture of me.
So, the shy side of me just laughed like this and wanted to cover my face up :P

I have ordered their Carbonara pasta (Rm17.90) and it's available in beef bacon and turkey ham. 
I think they have added butter in the carbonara sauce, because it have the taste of butter. 
It's a bit oily at the bottom, but overall the taste is quite nice .

If you like carbonara pasta, you can try this :)

Suen's Cabin breakfast (Rm24.90). The portion is actually quite big. :O
But I think it will be okay for guys. 


Selfie after our lunch :)

Our eye bags are no joke XD 

But it's a trend in Korea ! We should dressed up more like Korean :P

Because Suen wanted to take a photo with the sunflowers :D 

And then, this girl suddenly asked me whether I wanted to take OOTD 
Because she doesn't take OOTD for me one. 
I mean she rarely helps me to take, except when I asked her to. 

Hmmm.... XD

Credit to Suen <3

Crop top from Time Square
Zara pants from Taobao
Sandals from H&M

BKK bag from BKK Original
Watch from Fossil
Hand band from night market 

A close up picture for it ;)

Actually I wanted to take a picture for her one , but she's too shy to stand in front of the camera and posing. She rarely takes OOTD, that's why. XD

After taking tons of photos, we headed to our next destination. 


We have heard a lot of people talking about Humble Pie. 
They svn compared Humble Pie with A Pie Thing.
I think that both of the pies are nice and each one of them have their own taste. 

We have ordered banofee (Rm10), which means banana and coffee.
It is very sweet toothing, and the cream is quite stiff. 
It's like a very solid cream, unlike those fluffy's one, but it's quite nice

Suen actually wanted to try Musang King, as it's seasonal one. 
And it's also one of the best sellers, but I don't really like durian. :P
So, too bad ~ ~

Suen's busy face (taking photo of the pie XD)

So, that's all for today.

Thanks for reading :D 


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