I am blessed

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I am blessed ^.^ We are always blessed by God :)
If you think that good thing is going to happen to you, it will.
Oppositely, if you think that bad luck is coming, it will eventually come to find you.
You might not believe what I said, but that's what I believe :)

Appreciate little things that happened in your life, and you'll be happier.
It's TRUE ! Don't believe me again? Try it yourself ;)

My friends always think that I have no worries at all, because I always look happy.
In fact, I tried to control my emotion, because I know that no one likes to listen to your problems (except true friends ;) if you know who I am referring to)
And I am not always happy, always so happy-go-lucky kind of person.

 I always wonder to myself, why should I be angry/sad, when there are other exciting things are waiting for me? Why do I have to let the emotions to control me, but not I control them?
When it's not the end of the world yet, there's nothing big to be worried. :)

If you think that the thing that you're facing right now is more than the end of the world, don't worry.
Because it won't be that bad again tomorrow :) That kind of world will end.

So, let me share some little happiness of mine with you guys ;)

Few days ago, I have won myself 2 pairs of Premiere Screening ticket from NuffnangMy
I was not that kind of person who always go to cinema for a movie, especially not a night movie. 
But NuffnangMy has pampered me with some free premiere screening tickets
And now I am officially a movie lover <3

There's so many nice movies and now only I know that why my friend always go to the cinema.
I have so many movies that I want to watch, and I know that it will cost me some money >.<
Therefore, I am very grateful that NuffnangMy is having the giveaway.

My very first premiere screening ticket from NuffnangMyy is Paper Town.
When I first joined the giveaway, I didn't expect that I will win the ticket!
 Even though I wanted to watch Paper Town so badly.

This is my second time watching movie with NuffnangMy. 

We have watched The Intern in GSC One Utama. The movie is incredible nice. 
I actually didn't expect much for this movie. I thought that it's just a normal movie about an old intern's life. But it's actually more than that! 

It actually brings messages, to tell us not to lose our hopes in our lives. 
In the movie, it shows that even a 70yo uncle didn't lose hope in his life, after his wife died.
He works as an intern after his retirement and he enjoys his life.
What is more important than you're still breathing? 

Ben (aka the old intern) has a young and positive mind. He's caring, sensitive, observant, knowledgeable, optimistic and more <3 He is PERFECT to me :D And even though he's very old, he still looks handsome to me <3 He has a beautiful heart. I hope that he's my grandfather or boyfriend, if he's younger :P

While Jules, a woman who has a strong heart. She's smart, she owns a online fashion company, she handles things that seem impossible. She's strong enough to face the problems and fix them herself. And she's so pretty <3 That's why I wanted to watch this movie :p LOL

This movie actually spread a very positive vibes and it's very motivating.
 It's a bit funny, which make the movie not boring AT ALL.
 I (we) laughed a lot XD

Watch the trailer now, if you haven't ;)

The next day, (Yup! The next day after The Intern) I went to watch Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials. 
And yup, all thanks to NuffnagMy again :D 

I believe that a lot of you have watched this movie, and if you haven't, 
you should go and buy the ticket now XD
I was very excited when the trailer is out :D 

The movie is very nice and luckily, it didn't turn me down.
  I enjoyed the whole movie very much, except the 'zombie' part, that trilled my heart off :O

I am looking forward the Maze Runner, The death Cure :D 

Thomas and Min Ho is <3 :D 

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