Homemade Kimchi Pancake

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FOOD <3 
Today, I am going share how I made Kimchi pancake with 5 easy steps ;)

Who love kimchi like I do? 
I can just eat Kimchi without matching anything ^.^ And it still taste so GOOD :D 
Kimchi can be matched with almost everything! I have tried kimchi fried rice, kimchi soup, kimchi rice cake (I tried to find Korean rice cake in Jaya Grocer, but I can't find it :(
I am craving tteokbokki .....)

And now I am going to try kimchi pancake ;)

Okay, now let's get started :)

1. Prepare the ingredients. You will need

- half cup of flour
- half cup of water
- half onion
-1 teaspoon of sugar
- 1 pinch of salt
- 1 egg (optional)
- 3 spoons of kimchi (you can put more if you want)
- cooking oil

2. Mince the onion and kimchi into small pieces. 

3. Mix all the ingredients together.
 In this case, I didn't put egg. So I didn't put so much of water. 
The half cup of water is just an estimated amount. 
If you accidentally added too much of water, put more flour in it will do :)

4. Preheat the non-stick frying pan, and put some oil on it. 

5. Pour the mixture into the frying pan and fry it until the surface is golden brown ~ 
*The more oil you put, the crispier the surface will be :)

And TAda ~ Your kimchi pancake is ready to be served ;)

Easy right ? ^.^ 
And it taste heaven :D 
See ya next time ~


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