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During hardship, one should not assume that other will help you, 
or think that they must help you, even if they have the ability to help you. 
The only thing you can do is to help yourself (or maybe pray?)

Because the only thing that you can depend on, is YOURSELF. 

My dad always say that praying is useless ~
 You pray for wealth. But do money come down easily?
If money really come after you prayed hard, why is there so many people still starving or poor?
You pray for health.
Why is there still so many people dying without their willingness?
God want them to go to a better place?
But 'what if' the earth is what we called the heaven?

There is so many religious and God in the world and most of us pray to God. Don't we?
And sometimes, I wondered, is there so many God in the world?
Or there's only one God that we are praying, and we give him a different name and identity? 

My mom, who is a strong buddhism, told me that things don't come easily. You have to work hard and convince the God to help you. To give you the chance to success.
If the God give you hardship, he is just training you to become a better person.
If the God make you sick, it's not that he want you to suffer, but to end your life living in the hell.

Well, one thing that I am sure is, no matter what God or religious you're in, it is to encourage people to do good things. And I do believe that God really exist, and there's no harm in praying :P
It makes me feel better, sometimes, especially when I need some comfort and help. :)

Everyone has their own hardship and stress. Try to find a way to sort things out, but don't force yourself too hard. You might get hurt :) Rest for a while, find some ways to distress, and you'll eventually get through it. That's what I do ~

Overcome your stress and you'll become stronger,
If you can't, you'll forever a loser.

Listen to music :)
It's one of the best way to distress.
Music can mend your soul ~

This is actually quite nice  ~ Loser by big Bang :P

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