Beach @ Pantai Teluk Cempedak

by - 8:50 AM

Who miss going beaches ? :D 
Me! Me! But not the scorching sun :P 

The wind is very chilling, if you stay under the roof 
And I thought of taking pictures that you will only see in poster :P #modeldream

Credit to my "personal photographer"----- Shermeen :D 
Love this picture so much <3

Mummy <3 

I believe I can fly ~~

Hey ya !!

 I am going to challenge the gravity ;)

There is this bridge connecting to somewhere else. We didn't go there because the sun was going to dry our skin up XP

My sexy back is sexy <3 

Views that were taken from the bridge 

Views that you are unable to see if you didn't go for other angle. 

Don't limit yourself.

I have a dream ~

My dream is to become a model ~ #modeldream #jk :P

My turn to capture her sexy back with her wavy hair XD 

Not forget to mention that monkeys are there too! 

If you see closer, you will manage to see that the monkey is helping the other monkey 
to catch the kutu

Beware of your food ! They will snatch them from you.
Monkey: Hmm, I smell food over there ~

Last but not least, the aunties XD

Mummy and her friends XD 

The aunties gang XD Wataya doin, aunties? XD
#anklepain pose

The horizon :D Can you see the limit of the oceon? 
If you can't,
 then don't underestimate yourself, because you can't see your limit too ;)

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