A trip to Sungai Lembing [Day2]

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Read my Day 1 if you haven't :)

So, we woke up super early in the next morning. Like 4.30am I think, cause we wanted to go and witness the rainbow waterfall <3

This is what I mean, the rainbow waterfall :D It's beautiful right? And it's worth to wake up at 4.30am just to look at this scenery <3

This post is gonna loaded with photos (again) XD

When the sun haven't came out, we had already had our breakfast. And we are super excited to start our Day 2 journey :D

Yup, as the photo above, we're going to use this 4 wheel car to go up the mountain.
 This is gonna be lots of fun :D

Slowly, the sun has come out to meet us :) Rise and Shine ~

On our way to our destination :D The car is actually quite shaky and unstable (I took like more than 5 pictures just to make sure that the picture is clear :D).  When the road is soft soil, it's shakier; and   when it is dusty, you know what will happen? Your face will become so dusty and you will eventually become a "soil man". XD hahaha no joke werh !

But then, there is an advantage sitting outside: you are nearer to the NATURE! And you can enjoy the wind howling around you. :) And it's so chilly and nice, embraced by the wind ^.^

First stop: Enjoyed the view above the mountain :D
The sky is still a bit dark, but more to blueish <3 So pretty <3

Credit to @shermeenlim . I swear that I didn't expand my picture longer :P
The scene behind me is REAL!

Papa Lim and Mama Lim <3

And also, not to forget the group photo :D

Later, I changed my seat. Because there's limited seat for the back, we have to take turn :)
Selfie with sister :D #toiletphotobomb

My sleepy-blur elder sister XD Do we look alike? 
A lot of people said that three of us look like, but I am fatter version of them :P

After 45minutes of drive, we are finally here! :D 

And to go inside the forest, we have to pass through the river! :O 
Okay, challenge accepted ! :D Luckily my legs are just right for the height :)
 Not too short :P

Okay, so this is the entrance and here we go :D 
Rainbow Waterfall !! 

Selfie in the forest, cause I don't like it, I love it :P

With Mei Mei <3

It has been 2 years, since I last went for hiking <3 I miss the forest, the trees, the air, 
the adventures and more :D 

Say cheesy ~ ^.^

Hi Mama, Jie Jie, Mei Mei, and strangers XD

I am already sweating, but I don't know why she seems like she didn't sweat at all XD 
Fat is good, and sweating is good XP (comforting myself)

We're reaching soon ! :D Oh, I was damn excited !

Take a picture as a memory <3 
"I climbed the mountain in Sungai Lembing" :D *clap clap* 
OMG. My face damn red XD

Erm, didn't expect that the water flow is so small :(

Sad Cheryl is sad. Cause that means that the rainbow is not going to come out and say hi to us :(
Due to the low water flow and sunlight, the rainbow is unable to be formed 

Even though there's no rainbow, we still selfie :P

Oh Hi ~ Don't get creeped out :P

Mama with the so called waterfall (so little water) XD 

The Lim's children~ (elder sister still looked blur) XD 

Papa <3 Hmm he looked so serious. 
Papa: I am so grateful to have a caring wife and 3 healthy and cheerful kids <3 
I am lucky XD 

Mama <3
I got the gene of like to take picture from her XD 

Jie Jie trying to act emo XD Hahahaa I speechless d :P

Me trying to act like a model. XD #modeldream

Guess what she's taking ..............

Answer ~ She loves taking photos of everything (except selfie. I am always the one, who asked her to take selfie with me :P). Or I should call her the nature lover.

Oh ya, they also provided us Maggie and milo for us. The guide, of course, I am referring them.
After a long hike, we need rest and food :)

Unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to witness the scenery. 
We go back down with our heavy pace and sigh. Maybe, it is giving us another chance 
to come back here again? But I think it will take me another few years to come back again :)

The rocks are not in sequenced. And we have to be extra careful when going down. 
But Papa seems relax and enjoying himself XD

While, Mama, who has short legs, seems struggling and suffering XP

所謂:上山容易,下山難。Very true!
It's very easy to climb the mountain, but it's super hard to come down!
Plus I was wearing slipper ! Which increased the difficulties :O
But luckily, I had some small scratches on my legs. Nothing too bad happen ^.^

Okay, back to the 4 wheel car after coming out from the jungle. :)

Selfie Again :P

And also with Yen Theen Jie :)

Me and Mama were having the same expression XD 

Then we have some snacks, like pohpiah, cake, and fried sweet potato after coming back to the town.
The name of the Kopitiam is called 四无茶餐室. If you understand Chinese, you will find that the name of the kopitiam is very funny XD At least, I found it hilarious :P But their food is quite good :)

We also have some vegetarian rojak, which is just outside the restaurant. 
Really nice :)

The FAMOUS big tree XD I found that there's always a tree that is very famous and big. 
Malacca has one, Ipoh has one and now Sungai Lembing also has one :P

Reached our resort and really in love with this! I am going to buy this one day, and put it outside my house backyard ! One day.... :)

Was really tired and exhausted. But when you noticed that someone is going to take a picture of you, you will automatically start to pose. :P

 Credit to @shermeenlin (For more enquiry, please contact 012-xxxxxxxx) :P

After having enough of rest, we had our early dinner outside our resort.
The resort that I stayed actually provides barbecue for Rm30 per person.
But we just decided to eat outside :)

Yum :D Chicken wings 

Squid. Not my favourite :P

Fresh fish :D

We also got fried rice 

And also fried noodles in case we are not full enough.

Sweet watermelons as dessert <3 

The place is really nice when the dawn came. 

Cause we had our dinner early, we had  a "mini party" at the living room :D 

The adult had their beer and we had our junk food <3 


And here came to the end of my day2. :) Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned to my day 3 :D 

Bye ~

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