A Trip to Sungai Lembing [Day 3]

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We woke up at 4.30am the next day to climb Mountain Lin Ming. 
Healthy right ? XD 

The air is really fresh, especially in the morning. We used torchlight to brighten our way up to the mountain, because it's only 5.30am when we're there. A lot of people stopped halfway because it's REALLY tiring (my elder sister, who doesn't exercise, is one of them). While me and my younger sister have made our way up, without resting much :D #challangeaccomplished ;)

Photos below are taken by me while we're at the mountain. I was really excited to watch my very first sun rise in my whole life :) 

Took this picture with flash in the dark XD 
And everyone has small asian eyes ~

Now, let us enjoy the changes that happened within few minutes :)

BTW I am really poor in geography, so I don't know where's East XD 

And TADA ! It is finally bright enough for me to take a picture!

Imma feeling good. Feeling good to breath in the fresh air, feeling good to sweat, 
 feeling good that I am still alive, feeling good that I can still playing around,
feeling good that I have good parents, feeling good that I am able to come here :) 
#Iamblessed #Iamfeelinggrateful #findlittlehappinessinyourlife

Not to forget a group photo ;)

I really hope that I can find someone, who's like him, who care so much about us and provide what's the best for us. But he is married to my mother and there's no one like him in the world anymore :O 
Oh, lucky mom, and sad me :P

Should I photoshop my elder sister inside ? hahaha LOL 
It's such a waste that she didn't climb up with us :(

L.O.V.E ya <3

My younger sister is a bit obsessed with her shoes photograph.
She has her collection with this kind of photo with her friend, which almost look like 
this (but in different kind of shoes and ground la).

So, this is the way to the top of the mountain ~

It's stairs at first and then soil at the top. Some of the stairs have already spoilt. Therefore, it's quite hard for short legs like me, to go up >.< #shortiesprob

When I was coming down, I heard someone called my name. So I turned my head and saw an unfamiliar face. I looked at him doubtfully, and he said that he's from MUFY too. 
But why is it that I have no memory about him at all ? XD hahaha sorry if I didn't notice you guys. 
I have short memory  XP

Coming down from the mountain, there is this 2 uncle and aunty selling kuih. The kuih are actually quite nice, especially the yam cake. (Don't know is it that I love yam cake or what :P)

Then we had this Yong Tou Fu just beside the morning market. There is so many people lining up to buy the food from this stall, so we decided to have a try XD 
But, I think that the food are actually quite okay only :P

The egg chee cheong fun, which you can hardly find in KL. 
It tastes just like egg+chee cheong fun XD

We went back to our resort at around 9am after breakfast. 
And we had our bath and nap before we go back to KL.

Oh ya, before that, we also went to the beach and seafood for our lunch. 

Gonna post my beach photos soon ;)
 (too bad, it's without me wearing a bikini, don't expect me wearing that triangle clothes :P)

Challenge the gravity ~

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