A trip to Sungai Lembing [Day 1]

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FINALLY, I am going to post my Kuantan trip after so long XD

I think that this post is going to be over flowing with all the photos, and I don't want you guys to get fed up of reading a TOO long post. So, I am going to separate my 3 days 2 night Sungai Lembing trip into 3 posts :D 

We're going to Kampung Sungai Lembing, which is located in Kuantan, Pahang. 
Even though there's nothing much to play in the small village, I really enjoyed myself there :)
And I actually took 500++ of photos  XD 

Don't worry! I won't post all the photos here :P If I did that, you guys will have to scroll this post until the next day (LOL ~)

So, the day started with a very good weather, where there is sun and clouds (Like you guys don't know.. Hahaha)

Well, having this kind of weather, it encourages me to take selfie 
(LOL nonsense, Like to take picture than say la) :D 

Yay ! We are here d after xx hours staying sleeping in the car :D
(Photo taken from backpackers)

By the time we reached there, it's already noon.
So, we simply had out lunch at one of the restaurant there.

We have ordered their featured dishes like tomato noodle  (茄子面) , and mango fish  (芒果鱼).
Erm, to be honest, I don't really like the tomato noodle, it taste like tomato, but I don't know why I think that it is weird at the same time. I think it is because the noodle is not spaghetti noodle XP

After our lunch, we went to our resort to settle our stuff and also have a break. 
We were staying at Lembing Riverview Resort. The place is very big and it's a nice place to chill. <3

One of the candid shot, which is taken by me at the place :)

And this too! We went around the place, and we found this spacious place just behind the resort :D
Instead of resting in the aircond room with our parents :P

This is the 'real' Sungai Lembing bridge. It's very 3D right ! 
(Mummy decided to be my model Hehe:D)

Selfie <3 Because I love my face very much. Just that day only XD 

Group photos outside the Museum :D 
I actually took a lot of photos here, but I CANT FIND THEM :O

Then, we went Sungai Lembing Tin Mines, which is very near to the museum.
The price of this a bit overrated, Rm15, because there is nothing much inside.
Just a normal cave :P But it's worth for an experience. Hmm....

This is the transportation, that 'delivers' us inside. 
I though that it's just a decoration :P But it actually works !

Picture with the 'tin mines' man :D #ootd

It written "PARTY HARD"

And more selfie XD

SPAM #sorrynotsorry :P

Next destination: the famous Sungai Lembing ! 

Erm, the bridge is quite long and shaky. But then, I believe that the bridge is very firm, as I saw motorcycles passing, going to the opposite side of the bridge XD 

I was like WHAT? The bridge can afford meh? 
Why are the motorcyclists passing through the bridge? 

It's an experience though :)

Passed the bridge, you will find some souvenir stores selling their special local product. 

Their famous 蛋散 (a kind of biscuit)

And also the traditional coconut biscuit. My mom favourite :)

Their homemade jellys that come with different flavours (mango, lemongrass, soya, and others)

We bought a lot of biscuit there and the people is like super friendly. Let us try this and that :)

Then, we went to this crystal house :D
It's actually a person's house, which mean that the owner is actually staying there.
I heard that the owner likes crystals a lot, therefore he started his own crystal collection in his house. And he didn't think that, one day, his house will become a crystal house, and people will want to come and visit :)

The interior of the crystal cave. 
If you observe the wall of the cave carefully, you will realise that the wall is full of coins. 
People stuffed coins on the wall to make wishes, and my dad did that too :D 

My legs look DAMN slim here <3 Omg I wish I have this kind of legs #ootd

Photo with sister <3 The lightning in the cave is just perfect :D

After that, we went to have our dinner at the same restaurant. The food there is Yuck! But that is the only one that opens :( So, no choice. The food in the afternoon was ok. But don't know why is it so oily and salty at the night. Cant see clearly in the night? #lol

Okay, one last picture before I end my day 1 :)

After having our dinner, we are already very tired and sweaty. So we went to bed after our shower
It's going to be a tiring day for tomorrow too :D

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