Paper towns

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Paper Town, my first book that is written by John Green.

Paper Towns is a really nice book. It teaches us a lot of things, and I love some of the lines there. The language is a bit hard for me, but it's still a very interesting book. I can't continue reading a book that uses extraordinary language because I will have to look up for dictionary every lines >.<

One of my favourite lines in the book is when Margo says "Everything is uglier up close".
And it's very sweet when Quentin replies "Except you <3" 

I found that it's true though. For an example, you might think that the KLCC is just a normal building, which is very tall without any attractions. You can't see the lights that came from building when you're standing just beside it, because the range is too small. But when you stand a distance from the building, you will realise that it's actually surrounded with fascinating lights.

Same goes to a person. It looks like some people have a pretty awesome life, but how do you know that they didn't sacrifice anything to achieve what they want? Your friend, who got all HD for examinations, might have sacrifice a lot of his sleeps and fun. A travel lover, who goes oversea every year, might have worked very hard or it's actually a job vacation. A person who smile everyday, might cry at night. Everything looks easy and pretty when you stand a distance looking, instead of going closer to find out. It's the details that make things uglier. It's ugly because it's not what we expected it to be. That's human.

"Margo always loved mysteries. And everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one"says Q.

Who doesn't want to become the person they wanted to be. It's normal to become the one that people has expected you to be. Because you don't want people to dislike you.  But it's tired to maintain it. Who doesn't struggle between 'the real self' and 'the one you wanted to be' and 'the one people expected you to be'. "Sometimes, the way you think about a person isn't the way they actually are". And people always choose to see what they want to see.

After knowing Margo, Quentin says "She was not a miracle. She was not an adventure. She was not a fine and precious thing. She was a girl."

I consider myself to be a very lucky girl. To be born in a healthy family, with lots of love from them and friends. Sometimes when I encounter difficulties, I will try to escape or hide myself. I am not as brave as Margo. In the book, they say Margo is an attention seeking girl. But I think that she's not. She just need some love and caring. #Iamblessed 

I have won myself a pair of primer screening ticket. I was super happy and excited that day. :D 
A very big thank to Nuffnang and 20th Century Fox for having this giveaway!

Shared this happiness with my younger sister <3 
It's a really nice movie. I actually didn't expect much for this movie after reading the book. Because I always got disappointment from the movie. That's why I always watch the movie first before I read the book. But then, it's actually almost the same as the book! And it's like you're reading the book again :D Really recommend you guys to watch this and there's some funny parts that you don't want to miss ;)

Love, Cheryl <3

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