Nothing last forever

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Even the memories that we have, they will fade. One day, we will forget some of the important scenes that happened in our lives. 

The words "I will love you FOREVER" are always a lie. No one can love someone forever. The definition of forever is for ALL future time, for ALWAYS. But we always stop loving someone after we died. Or some even worse, they stop loving the one they used to love, after they met someone new. 

Loving someone is always beautiful. It makes you happy, comfortable and it shapes you into a better man. In terms that you have to learn how to love someone in the good way, and not in the bad way. 

It's our best interest to say things that we can do, and not things that we want to do. Especially promises! Sometimes, don't too overestimating yourself.

Every relationships will go through the process of growing. Just like the flower.

When we just knew each other, we are shy and introvert. We don't know each other well, and we have no much topic in common. We cared about how other people look at us, and that's why we don't show much about ourselves. We are afraid that they don't accept the real us.

Then, when we are a bit close, we slowly open our heart and accept each other. We slowly showed our bad habits out, but we embrace them. We found some commons and we started to have a longer conversation. We are friends but not very close. 

By the time the flower is fully grown, we are already best friends (or couple). We have already known each other very well, and there's no secret between us. We message each other everyday and we have endless topics to talk about. Even the smallest thing will make us laugh and talk for the whole day. 

We are in a stable relationship. We don't message each other every day, but we are still friends. We might meet new friend in the next stage of our lives and start the process again :) 

Some relationships will last very long, but some won't. It the period that it takes for it to come to the last stage. And I believe that no matter how long the period is, it's the process that makes the relationship worth. It's the journey that we should appreciate, no matter it's a good ending or a bad one.

Erm, thought this post is a bit deep, but a deep post for once a while is healthy right? :) 

xx Cheryl xx

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