Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant 親善海鮮樓

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I went to Kuantan when I was having my Semester break and I actually wanted to post about it but there's too much of photos to be arranged. So I decided to post this seafood restaurant that I strongly recommended to you guys first. I went to this restaurant, which is located at Kuantan before I came back to PJ. 

What is so special about this seafood restaurant? The seafood here is VERY FRESH and CHEAP. You can never get this kind of price in the city or even town. Secondly, the food here is very different, as they provide dishes that you hardly find in some of the seafood restaurant, like shark meat. 

This is their famous shark meat. It's very fresh and the sauce is very nice. But I felt quite guilty eating shark meat :/ Therefore, I only eat 2-3 pieces only >.< #poorshark

This is the mantis shrimp (If I am not mistaken). This is also very nice and it doesn't have the smell at all :D. Love it <3 Nom nom nom~

This is the fried shrimp. This is a bit salty, so I didn't like this very much. But it will be perfect if you eat it with white rice :)

This is the curry Lala Sotong. I personally don't eat squid, thus I only eat the Lala and okra. It's very rare to see a Lala with fat meat. But in here, you will find that every Lala's meat is soo fat and Q <3 Totally love it and the curry. :)

The tofu. Erm because this is seafood restaurant, so things that beside seafood are just normal :P 

This is the "Buddha Jump" (佛跳牆). The name is a bit funny XD. I love yam, so it's definitely my 'plate of dish' ;)

Vegetables ~ Erm very nice, Erm very green. Erm I am lacking of vocabulary XD

This is definitely a place that you will want to try. And it's better for you to go there using the Waze because the place is very hard to find! I have seen a review said that the service is bad, as there's too many people there and they have to wait very long. So I suggest if you don't want to squeeze with the people, you can go there earlier or later. :) That day I went there is already very late, so there is not much people :) 

Oh I am hungry >.< I need food :P 
Bye ~ 

A-5, Lorong Padang Lallang2, 
Padang Lallag,
25050 Kuantan,

Tel: 09-517 8619
Mobile: 012-955 0395

Opening hour: 11am-3pm

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