Ipoh Mural

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If you have read my last post, you will know that I have gone to Ipoh with my friends. 
Ipoh mural is one of the attractions that you must go. If you didn't go to the art of old town, it's like you have not been Ipoh.

#1 Old Uncle with Coffee Cup 

This picture that shows an uncle enjoying his coffee is located opposite the Ipoh Tourist Centre. And it's just beside a very big green field.

Road Name: Jalan Dato Maharajalela
GPS: 4.59787,101.076169

Grouphie with the old uncle :D

Hahahah playful Suen was trying to kiss the old uncle  XD

Another picture that was taken in front of the Ipoh Tourist Centre :P


The sun is so bright that it makes us smile this way XD #LowangleVSHighangle

#2 Paper Plane 

This picture shows two children sitting on the paper plane. It's located just a few steps away from the first mural picture.

Road Name: Jalan Sheikh Adam
GPS: 4.597715,101.076882

How I wish that I can fly to anywhere I want without paying the high-cost of the airplane :3

With Kei ~.0

Our faces are too big, which makes the paper plane to be non noticeable :P

Fully utilised our day, even when we're waiting for the traffic light to turn green :P

#3 Kopi - O

These Kopi-O indicates birth of the famous white coffee. It's at the other side of the Art Town and you will eventually find this in a car park area :) 

Road Name: Jalan Tun Sambathan
GPS: 4.597151,101.078703

Be careful ! The Kopi - O are going to fall XD #messyhairdontcare

#4 Hummingbird 

Can I lay by your side? Cute hummingbird has made the pale wall into an interesting wall :D 

Road Name: Jalan Panglima
GPS: 4.596704,101.07843

Hi, hummingbird, Whatcha doing ? ;)

The hummingbird got angry at me and were trying to poke my nose :O

Behind the scene #LOL 

#5 Evolution

This painting shows the evolution of a tin-mining town and it made me think of the old times, when there's still no colour available for painting. :) #thatcardamnpotong !

Road Name: Jalan Bijeh Timah
GPS: 4.596343,101.079138

A group photo with the art work :D 

I should crop them out  XD #toosweetforus

#asiansmalleyes XD 

Suen's ready-to-spam-the-gallery look XD

What's that? 

The realise-Suen-was-spamming-the-gallery-look #pitythephone XD

Not sure what makes me laugh like that XD

Hey Brian, you're blocking me >.<

Suen self-high mood #1

Suen self-high mood #2

Suen self-high mood #3

Suen self-high mood #4

And to be continued XD 

#6 Girl

This picture shows a girl, who is trying to reach the cage of bird. 

Road Name: Jalan Bandar Timah
GPS: 4.597004,101.078213

Pro Suen imitated the best :D 

Sexy <3 

Was Kei trying to imitate or trying to climb the building? XD #behindthescene2

ok my turn :P #1 attempt 

#2 attempt 

#3 attempt 

and here comes to the #4 forth attempt XD #failme

Found this board just beside the girl wall. It helps people to find the painting better. :)

Our OOTDs :D

And selfie with Suen <3

So, that's all for today.
Thanks for reading :D 

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  1. ALMOST EVERY PICTURE HAS MY FACE awwwwwww :D miss me then say la 🙈💕

    1. Hahaha who ask you to spam Kei's phone :P