Coloured Lens vs Daily Lens vs Monthly Lens

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I started using contact lens when I was form5. Or maybe earlier, when I bought some daily coloured lens when I was form4? I forgot already :3 I have short memory XP

Go through my photos and finally found one, where I was wearing a grey-colored contact lens. 
Not sure whether you guys can see or not, but ya it's actually grey coloured and it's very natural hor ^.^ 

As I grow up, I wanted to become prettier and during that time, the coloured lens was very popular. Almost every girl wear coloured lens (it's still popular now :P), so that their eyes are bigger 0.0 and more attractive ;)

But there's disadvantages of wearing a coloured lens. Firstly, some of the coloured contact lens are uncomfortable. Secondly, the colour of the lens might slide over your eyes and cause some serious illness, like dismissed vision and blind. Thirdly, the coloured contact lens are actually larger than our normal lenses, which mean that it might block the oxygen to our eyes and cause redness. 

Therefore, don't risk your eyes with a bad quality coloured lens, if you insist on wearing a coloured lens. Don't buy it from the night market, which is relatively cheaper. You don't know what quality they're using. But wearing a transparent lens is always better than wearing the coloured one. :)

Then I changed to daily lens. I was using 1-day Acuvue Moist because I didn't wear contact lens so often, so my mom asked me to buy the daily-basis lens. It can save you a lot if you're not wearing it everyday, conversely, it can cost you a lot if you're wearing it everyday.

I like this daily lens the MOST! You know why? It's because it's very soft, flexible, and COMFORTABLE! You can barely feel it's existence :D And it don't go dry easily, even though you have wore it from the day to the night <3 Sometimes, I really thought that I wasn't wearing the lens, but my spectacle, until when I touched my nose bridge :P

BUT it's expensive, if you compared it with the monthly-basis lens :( And then, it provides low Astigmatism (散光). It's actually caused by looking too much of TV and computer.  Few people will get a high astigmatism, so it's not a problem for those who want to buy daily-lens. 

Mine is very high, and when I wanted to buy these, the supervisor actually told me that the lens cannot afford my astigmatism, even though my power is not very high. She advised me to put a higher power, so that it won't be too blur for me. 

Overall, this is more suitable for those who are either very rich or those who don't wear contact lens everyday, or who are very lazy to wash their lens or those who have dry eye (you don't want to put eye drops everyday right?). Oh ya and those who have low astigmatism :)

I am currently using this Bausch & Lomb monthly lens. After entering university, I started to wear contact lens everyday. This is not as comfortable as the 1-day Acuvue Moist, and it's not that bad either. The price is reasonable, as it's almost the same as the daily lens. But there's 6 pairs of lenses in a box (which mean you can use it for 6 months), whereas the daily lens have 30 pairs (30 times only/ a month if you wear it everyday).

I uses this brand because my sister is using this and she recommended this brand to me. And ya, it's for  astigmatism :) The first time I used this, I felt quite uncomfortable, as I have gotten used to the daily lens. And my eyes sometimes get very dry (if I stayed in the aircond room too long or wore it for the whole day). Now, even though I have get used to the lens, my eyes still get dry sometimes. Therefore, I will just blink my eyes or rest my eyes for a while or put the eye drop(for contact lens use) to release the pain.

Lastly, I would like to advise that please clean your hand thoroughly before you touch the lens, because you don't know that how many bacterias are on your hand. You have only a pair of eyes! And I know that you don't want to take the risk  :) 

Bye ~

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