Bingsu Cafe @ Damansara Uptown

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Bingsu cafe, one of the Korean dessert cafe in Malaysia. Bingsu has been very popular in Malaysia these days, due to the weather. It's love to eat dessert in the summer <3

Who is chocolate lover? We are ^.^ <3 
This is their Belgium Chocolate Bingsu, which is Rm16.90.
If you have eaten Belgium chocolate, you might roughly know how it will taste like 
And you won't regret ordering this :D Trust me, because I am trustable :P
The ice is very fine & smooth that it melted in your mouth. And they don't put condensed milk in the ice, like some of the bingsu. So, if you have a heavy taste bud, you might not find it tasty. 

Brownie Coconut Sorbet, which is Rm11.90
The brownie is nutty and the coconut sober is smooth. This combination is great because the refreshing coconut sober balances the heat of the brownie. Wonderful :D
Another chocolate heaven <3 

Latte, which is Rm8. We are actually expecting some beautiful art drawing, but it came out some simple circular art? Okay la, I don't blame them, since they are not selling coffee as their main. But the latte tastes pretty well :)

Passionfruit ice cream, which is Rm7.90 per scoop. It's actually no artificial flavours, colours and preservatives :D I feel so healthy after eating this <3 The ice cream is quite nice ( but my sister doesn't like it :/) and it doesn't melt easily like those normal ice cream :D Slow eater like me will definitely can take our own sweet time to enjoy this ice cream :P

One shameless selfie doesn't harm right :P

28, Jalan ss21/35, 
Damansara Utama, 47400,
Petaling Jaya, 

03-7733 3086

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