2 Days 1 Night Trip @ Ipoh

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Ipoh, third largest city in Malaysia, is one of the best place to go for a getaway with friends. Students like us cannot afford to go places that are too far from our home or too expensive. So, if you're thinking of going anywhere with your friends, you can consider Ipoh ;)

We gathered at one of our friend's house at 8am and had our breakfast at one of the Kopitiam at Setia Alam. We set off after an hour to Ipoh :D Ipoh is very famous in their food and I was really excited to explore them. Before we off to Ipoh, we did some food hunting in the website. There's TOO many food there and we don't think that we can try all of them within two days, so we decided to try some of the must :)

It's a 2 hours + of trip and we enjoyed ourselves at the back seat XD
Thank you Brian, who fetched us there safely ^.^

And a big thank to Shi Kei, who provided us a very nice and comfy place to sleep :)
We're staying at Kei's grandparents house and her grandparents are so friendly. Staying at her grandparents' house has helped us to save some of the cost. Thanks for having us uncle and aunty <3

#1 Yong Tau Fu @ New Big Tree Food Garden 

The first stop: 忠記大樹頭炸料粉

After travelling for so long, we are already tired and hungry, especially our great man, Brian. So after we settled down our belongings, we went to eat Yong Tau Fu as our lunch. All the Yong TauFu are Rm0.85 each, which is quite cheap. As in KL, you can rarely find this kind of price.

I have shared a bowl of Laksa with my friend because all the Yong Tau Fu look so nice and we wanted to try all of them :D They are famous in the fish paste, so it's a must to order it ;) Besides laksa, they also have curry, and light soup. Their laksa is not bad though, even though they're famous in their fish paste.

The Yong Tau Fu is located beside this pork rice stall. There's a long queue for this stall too. My friend tried their barbecue pork rice and she said that it's quite nice! Moreover, it's only Rm4, which you can't get in KL.

Jalan King, Taman Hoover,
31650 Ipoh, Perak. 

#2 Nam Heong Dim Sum 南香茶餐室

After that, we went to Nam Heong to try their famous egg tart and old town white coffee <3
It's located just opposite Sin Yoon Loong. 

The egg tart is Rm1.80 per piece and the white coffee ice is Rm1.90.
I love egg tart and their egg tart is really nice. It's crispy outside and soft inside, like the way it should be. The white coffee is just just right for the hot weather <3 PERFECT <3

We also ordered bread toast. It's very NICE. I am amazed even though it's just a normal kaya butter toast :P The crust is very crispy and they have put the right amount of jam, which doesn't make the toast too sweet or too salty. (I wonder when is the last time I have eaten such crispy bread toast <3)

2, Jalan Bandar Timah,
3000 Ipoh, Perak.

This is the first time I seeing this kind of parking coupon. Because in PJ, we don't use this.

*Friendly reminder: Remember to buy the coupon from the store to avoid fine. Go to the website to know more about the parking coupon :)

There's always an accident in every trip. I always find that God don't want us to be TOO happy lor XD. After our coffee, we went back to Brian's car and decided to go to our next destination. But the car decided not to work :3 According to Brian's dad, he said that it is because of the low battery of the car. We, the city girls and city boys, don't know what to do about it.

 I would like to confess that most of the Ipoh people here are super friendly! We went to ask for help and the people there are even worrier than us. XD They guided us to the nearest workshop that sells car battery and were very concern about what we have faced and asked us to be careful about snatches.
Luckily the workshop is not that far, and we managed to find the place easily, all thanks to the people.   The uncle (in the picture) helped us to change the battery without asking any return. He is actually not responsible on helping us to change the battery because he sells car battery only. But when we said that we don't know how to change, he volunteered himself to help us :D He really did a great job and we appreciated it.  <3 Thanks uncle ^.^ #這世上還是是有好人的

We reached home by the evening and decided to change our plan, due to the unexpected outbreak. We're supposed to go Funny Mountain for Toufu Fa. But because of the incident, we got to rest earlier :D

Oh hi Max :D You little handsome guy ;) Sometimes, I quite pity him because he has no freedom. 
I wonder what he will choose when it comes to 'freedom' and 'hunger' :/

Kei's baby cousin and her grandpa :D Jaden is soo so adorable <3

After we had had enough rest, we are now full of energy :D What is next? 

#3 Ayam Tauge & Koitiau 芽菜雞河粉

It's a must to eat 'nga choy gai in Ipoh! And this is what Kei's grandpa suggested us. 
We have waited for quite a while because the place is VERY crowded. But we have the patient to wait for good food ;)

Someone has no patient for me to take a picture 0.0 #thatchopstick 
The food is nice, but the price is a bit pricy (the portion of the Koitiau is quite small) and 
the service is quite slow. :/ (Half chicken + Half Tauge + 6 Koitiau + 6 drinks = Rm49.90)

44, Jalan Raja Ekram,
31350 Ipoh.

#4 Restaurant Tuck Kee

Supper <3 Our stomach are not satisfied yet! We need more food :D

Octopus with their homemade sauce and chicken legs for supper :D 
We also ordered a plate of Hokkien Mee, which cost us Rm37 in total. 
I actually don't eat octopus, but that day, I decided to give a try. The taste is not bad and I still don't like the elasticty of the octopus :P 

61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30300 Ipoh.
(next to Tan Ngan Lou)

 On the next day, we didn't manage to wake up early, as we planned. The result of playing too much *cho dai di and gossip (We stayed up until 3am, then only willing to goto sleep) :P.  So, we went for our brunch, instead of breakfast. 

#5 Foh San Dim Sum 富山茶楼

It's also a must to go for dim sum in Ipoh! We actually wanted to go Ming Court Dim Sum, which is just opposite Foh San Dim Sum. Unfortunately, it's closed on that day :/ 

Tada ~ 6 people of us have eaten nearly Rm100 XP. The most expensive meal we had in Ipoh. But the food is quite nice la :) (Of course, there's still more)

51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam
30300, Ipoh.

#6 Funny Mountain Soya Bean

It's very convenient that they have the drive-through way for people who take away. :D
We stayed in the car and ordered our tofu fa <3 It's Rm1.20 per bottle and per bowl. I don't really think that the taufu fa is really nice. Because it's very sweet (I prefer brown sugar one, which is less sweet) and it's not that soft as I expected (I have eaten a softer one at Taman Paramount & Setia Alam night market ).
But still, I will give you the address to those who like sweet taufu fa. :)

49, Jalan Theatre,
30300, Ipoh. 

#7 Ipoh Mural 

After eating so many thing, I am scared that I will look ugly in the picture >.<
#goalaccomplished :D Found all 6 places within an hour. 

Kopi - O

Humming Bird 



Paper Plane

Old Uncle with Coffee Cup

Hope that this will help you guys :)

#8 Gua Tempurung 

Before we end our Ipoh trip, we went to Gua Tempurung, our last destination. It's one of the attractions that you must go in Ipoh. Those who loves nature, you must go there :)

We went for the Top of the World, which is Rm12 for adult. 
The difficulty is only 2 star and it's a fun experience with friends :D 
If there's any chance, I am going to try their River Adventure or Grand Tour next time:)

The entrance 

Some of the stairs are quite steep and wet. So, single people like me, have to pay extra careful to the stairs. #needsosweetorno :P

Is that a real bat? 0.0 #Idontknow

31900, Kampar, Perak. 

#9 Souvenirs 

Yim Kok Gai ! Ipoh is very famous in their salted chicken. And that's why I bought a chicken from Aun Kheng Lim宴琼林盐焗鸡 .
24, Jalan Theatre,
30300, Ipoh.
(Somewhere near the Funny 
Mountain Soya Bean)

Just opposite the Yim Kok Gai, you can buy some biscuit and cake at
Yee Thye Cake House & Confectionery Sdn Bhd 裕泰香餅. 

1-3, Jalan Theatre,
30300, Ipoh.

Photo taken from Here
Kei's grandpa also bought us Shak Kei Ma from
Hong Kee Confectionery  鸿记饼家
14, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar,
30300, Ipoh.

So, that's all for my Ipoh trip :D Cant wait for the next trip with them again <3

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  1. waaaah I like this post... i always want to make a short trip to Ipoh and experience their kopitiam. i heard Ipoh have the best kopi.

    hey your blog is wonderful.

    1. Hi, thank you so much for the support <3 Indeed, Ipoh has the best white kopi :D