10 years ago VS now

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10 years ago and now. I am sure that we have changed a lot as the time pass.
You might not notice the  small changes of yourself or people you are closed with,
but those changes might be obvious if you see back the time.

1. People come and go

Just few years ago, I lost both of my grandfathers. I always know that people come and people go. It's a process. When there's a new life coming to the world, there must be someone leaving the world. But I actually didn't expect that both of my grandfather passed away because of cancer. Fortunately, both of them died in their home, which is what they wished, and they died in their sleep. Even though they didn't fight against the cancer after suffering so much, I know that they have tried their best not to leave us. We won't blame you and we will always miss you ;)

2. Physical appearance

10 years ago, I was a fatty (now also not very slim). But my uncles and aunts always used to call me "Ah Bui" (Bui means fat in hokkien, so basically they're calling me fatty). I love food and when I was small, I don't control. I just eat whatever I want. I will always pout and get angry at them when they called me Ah Bui XD And then, they will say "Ah Bui, come here. Don't angry d la. I buy sweet for you, okay?" Then I will forget what they have said and run toward them happily, like a dog shaking its tail and followed behind their ass  :P

3. I cry

I was SUPER childish. I cried a lot when I was small (according to my mom and the photo of me crying that was captured by my dad). I cried over a very small thing, almost everything. Maybe it's a big deal for me when I was small. :P When my parents doesn't allow me to eat sweet, I cry. When my parents ask me to go school, I cry. When I can't go to the park/ shopping, I cry. When my elder sister owned a pack of colour pencil/colouring book and I don't have, I cry. When someone blowed the candle of my birthday cake, I cry again XD (OMG Damn embarrass wei >.<)

4. Relationships

We always play together even though we didn't see each other for a long time. We still can get along together very well, without any gender or age gap. We played hide-and-seek, ice-and-fire, 123木頭人 and other childhood games, when there's no WIFI, iPad, iPhone, etc. Chinese New Year is the only festival that all of us will be staying together in the same house for 3-4days. And that's also the only time where I can see my long distance cousin, who's staying at Malacca. 

5. Culture

In the previous era, people always very emphasised on the traditional culture. Like when Chinese New Year, things that we need to do or things that we are not allowed to do. In the olden days, people always do things in a full set, they make it very grand, instead of a simple one. 

After 10 years, we are still having the same name, almost the same appearance, but something have changed. 

1. The extra one 

Both of the photos are taken at the exactly same place, same spot, same position, but different people. (There's an extra one in front --- that little boy, who's wearing a grey T). Erm, he's actually not the extra one, we are very grateful that he is with us :) He is a bit naughty and VERY talkative ! He can talk to himself for the whole day, like nobody business :/ When I say "Can you stop talking?" He will surely say "Bu Ke Yi" (cannot) -.- Okay, fine then. 

2. Growth

We have grown up, to have a taller height (I am still very short :/), a more mature personality (still childish :/), more knowledgable and so and so forth. Soon, we will be meeting someone who's important in our lives and we will get married and give birth to a very cute baby <3. LOL. I have grown from a cry baby, to a mummy girl, to a rebel teenager, to now a girl who wants to become prettier? I have started to but cosmetics and wanted to become prettier, to enhance my look :D So nice, playing with the makeup. 

3. Maturity 

As I said, I have grown up be an adult. I have to become more mature and more concerned what is happening to my surrounding. I want to become a more sensitive person, but my friend said that it's very tired. :/ What I think is that, I will eventually join the society out there one day and I can't be the forever blur Cheryl right? I am still learning how to be a mature person, but it doesn't come easily. I am still giving people an unreliable personalities :/ And that's why I change my appearance first :)

4. The gap

The older I grow up, the bigger gap it is, among my cousins. There's age gap, gender gap, country gap, and maybe others. Age gap. Now, we have separated into few groups: The secondary school group, the primary school group, the University group and a group between the secondary and University group (College / From6?). And I am in the group between secondary and University. Why not in University group? Because I am not allowed to? Or because their topics doesn't suit me? Or because soon they are no longer a University student? I don't know the exact reason, but sometimes, I just can't go in their conversation :/ We separated into groups and we stayed in our comfort zone, thinking that the youngster are too childish, or the olders are being too serious. We don't play around like last time when we are young, playing some stupid sumo games (no touchy touchy), and that's the gender gap.

5. The new generation

In the new generation, people tends to forget about our own culture. Sometimes, we just mixed up the traditional and modern one together :3 People are getting lazier and lazier that they don't want to learn the complex tradition and things to be simple. I am quite worried what will happen to my generation or the next generation where people doesn't know what to do when CNY and don't remember the all the Chinese festivals, don't know how to make rice dumpling, etc.

What will happen after  10 years from now, or another 20 years? 
I don't know. The future is always a mystery for us. 
It doesn't always come out what you have expected.

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