Sushi Mentai @ SS2

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Few days ago, my sisters and I have gone to Sushi Mentai for dinner. 
My parents have gone to my mother's uncle's son's wedding dinner at Malacca and they just went off leaving some money behind, so that we will be still alive when they're back XD

I found that, the older we get, the lesser our parents will take care of us, and they will expect us to know everything :O (Last time, when they're going out station, they're so worried. But now, they just went off like that -.-)

We are free from parents for 2 days 1 night :D Yay~ LOL

They eat good food, we also eat good food  :P

All the yellow plates are Rm1.91 (after GST)

All the red plates are Rm2.97 (after GST)

Edamame/ Soy bean <3 (My sister's favourite)

Ebiko Chu Maki/ Shrimp Roe

Salmon Mentai 

Salmon <3

Ebiko/ Shrimp Roe 

Curry Udon Rm11.80 

This bowl of curry udon is actually curry+udon+potatoes+carrots. 
So I find it quite pricy for no meat at all. Maybe it's the curry that cost so much? 
Hmm, I don't know :/ And this is the first time I eating Japanese curry, so I can't decide whether
it tastes the way it should or other Japanese curry is nicer :)

Tenzaru Soba (Rm12.80). I found that their soba is not that delicious, compared to Sushi Zanmai's
one. I think they have overcooked their soba because it's not Q at all, and the sauce, 
I still prefer Sushi Zanmai one :P 

Spider Maki Sushi (Rm13.80). This is nice  :D

Overall, the foods are okay for us. And I recommend you guys to eat the sushi plates instead of the noodle or rice. Because some of the sushi plates are actually cheaper than other Japanese Restaurant :D You can actually come with 1 or 2 friends and then ordered all their sushi plates. So that you can try all the plates by eating just one piece. Isn't that a good idea ? :D Gonna come back here again ;)


Opening everyday
12pm - 10pm

SS2  Oulets
No 15, Jalan SS2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya

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