Overnight at my friend's house

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This is my third times staying at her house :D I like her house, so big and so clean. She has a cute poodle dog and it always barks fiercely in excitement when it sees people. It is very timid, but once you are close with her, she won't resist you ;)

The first time I stayed my friend house is to celebrate my friend's birthday. I still remember that it's my first time going Setia City Mall, which is very near her house. We played Xbox in the midnight and it's very interesting :D  We tried to lower our laughers and not to make too much noise, especially when everyone are having their sweet dream. We had a very nice sleep time talks about our college, life, other people's business and also relationships problem. XD

The second time I stayed there is because we planned to go  Sekeping Serendah the next day early morning. Since our houses are not that near (around 30 minutes away from if no jam), we planned to stay overnight there and prepare the ingredients together for the trip. It's a very fun trip with all of them :D I enjoyed a lot.

(Suen and me were entertaining ourselves, while Kei and her bf were glowing brightly XD. 
We are light bulb :P)

So this is the third time I stayed at Shi Kei's house and I feel excited as always :D

We went to Setia Alam night market and had our dinner there. There is so many choices of food and I feel like eating all of them :D But I don't think that my stomach can handle :P

After resting for awhile, we had our so called "digesting food" or "stretching" class in Kei's room. I was too full due to eating too much and decided to do some exercise. They have complaint that my plank is actually like a bridge <. < I am a little bit hunch back >.<

I have a very stretchable friend, who learns taekwando (Don't mess out with us :P). She knows how to do split and I think it's COOL :D She taught us some useful technics on how to do a split. I am going to train myself so that I can be so stretchable like her, since I have joined cheerleading and I don't want to make myself embarrassed.

Waking up at another place, instead of your room, is weird :P I don't think that I got a very nice sleep because my bed is always the best :D 

We woke up at around 10am and used 1 hour to prepare ourselves. 


to be continued

Want to know what happened later? Stay tuned to my next post ;)

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