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Everything is new to us in the future. We face new challenges, new things everyday. 
And that's called life.

My friend told me that everything that we face everyday, no matter they are hardships or problems or fortunes or daily routines, they can be summarized as one word: LIFE !! It's true though. 

 There's always a balance in life, where there's always two sides. When there's boy, there's girl; when there's happiness, there's sadness; when there's poor, there's rich; when there's kindness, there's cruel-ness; when there's fairness, there's unfairness. That's called B-A-L-A-N-C-E. 

When there's past, there's future! :) Some people are excited, looking forward to their future, but some might be scared and get loss. Things are unpredictable and that's why people are scared. 

We often reject things that we are not familiar with, like rejecting trying new stuff.  Some people say that we need one courage, to step out the first step, because the first step is always the hardest one. But then, there's other people say that the first step is always an easy step, but the following steps are the hardest one because we need a lot of efforts to continue doing the same thing.

 Few days ago, I have blogged about short hair. It's always very hard for one who has long hair for so many years to cut her hair short. And once you have gone the first step, you might have problem or no problem on cutting it short again. It's like once you have tried how tasty the chocolate is, you might get allergic to it or get addicted to it. That might be one of the new thing one is facing to try the chocolate. 

Future is always a mystery. You don't know what will happen next and I actually didn't thought of blogging tonight :P I actually planned to watch drama: 武媚娘傳奇 (The Empress of China), and I actually don't like to watch costume drama. 

I think that I'm quite a complicated person inside, but easy going person outsite. 😅 two-faced people. I'm excited about my future and worrying at the same time. I want to graduate as soon as possible, but I don't feel like joining labour force so soon. I want to couple, but I don't want to face all the problems. Well, that's life :/ 

Soon, my 2nd semester will be started. I'll be facing new course, new challanges, new goals, new friends, new goals, new activities and new life. It looks like I just started my first semester, and it's kind of a routine, a new routine. Time passed so fast like I just blinked my eyes. 

When only I will become a mature and better person? :) Looking back at those time, when I was so young, and so naive. I feel like everyday is a new me. Besides that the fact that I am growing older and older, but also the self-changing little by little everyday. But I am still far away from being a mature woman that I wanted to be :P

Ok, it's time to sleep, and tomorrow will be a new day :)

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