Jibby & Co @ Empire Mall

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Morning :D 

I believe that a lot of you have known Jibby & Co, which is located at Empire Mall. I always pass by Empire Mall on my way back home after class. But I have not been there once XP

In the next day morning after overnight at my friend's house, we went to Jibby & Co for our 
brunch lunch.

By the time we reached, there's a long queue. Therefore, if you don't want to line up, you can choose to come earlier or later, just make sure that it's not a peak hour. :)

Selfie with Kei, who likes to take selfie ;) 
Thanks for having us to your house :D 

Beautiful scenery <3 Love how they decorate the fence

You can ask for the menu while waiting to be served 

While waiting for our food :D 
First, let us take a selfie ;)

We have a small appetite. Thus, a pizza and a breakfast toast are just enough for us ;)

Smoking Sally Rm30. Three of us love salmon <3 It's a definite choice for us to choose salmon favour for our pizza ;) The smoked salmon is with spanish onion, tomato, salmon ikura, sour cream, and some chilli flakes. It's very tasty and it's not spicy at all :D 

Kick Azz French Toast Rm25. This is heaven <3 It's very delicious and I love berries <3 
It's actually brioche loaf with vanilla bean custard, mixed berries drizzled with maple syrup and salted caramel. 

I sometimes regret that I have chosen business course, instead of culinary art >.< I love food and I hope that I know how to make them myself to satisfy my stomach :D 

I hope that I can come back this place again to try out their other dishes :D I think I will fall in love again with their foods. Since I am quite satisfied with the above two <3 

But first, I have to save money before I come and visit again.
 The foods here are not cheap though :/

GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery, 
Jalan SS 16/1, 47500, 
Subang Jaya, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

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