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Hi, welcome to the 80's :D

Ummm, I am 90's actually. But who said that the 70's or the 90's can't come? :P
My mom discovered this cafe, which opened near my house, few days ago.
And we decided to have a try on it. 

This cafe has opened for more than 3 months but a lot of people still do not know this place because it's opened in housing area. Thus, most of the customers are actually those who live nearby :)

This cafe is decorated with two main things. 
You can see how they design the cafe, when cute animals meet retro design. 

They have mixed and match some lovely animals like giraffe, goat, doggie, cat, rhinoceros to 
make the whole cafe alive :D 

This giraffe is so cute and I think that they made it themselves <3

Adorable puffy pillow ^.^ The most right one is the most entertaining one XD

Husky :D If I can keep a pet in my house, I will definitely choose a husky or a golden retriever <3 They are my favourite because they are so cute when they're small and handsome when they have grown up. But not much people are keeping a husky :/ Mostly people like chiwawa or a poodle more. 

And finally our foods are ready :)

We have ordered Cabonara with Smoked Chicken Ham (RM19).

It's creamy white sauce with mushroom and chicken ham. It's quite nice and the portion is just right for me. So, it might not be enough for you if you have a great appetite :)

Set Lunch: Mongolian Fish + Peach drink (RM)
The fish is very fresh. It's crispy outside and soft inside. I didn't expect much for this, 
but it turns out quite well. ;) 

They have really cool basement and friendly owner, who entertained and showed us the basement.

The stairs are decorated with all the 80's stuff. 
All of them are so memorable. 

They actually handle events, like birthday party, or even dog's day in their basement.

Few weeks ago, they just handled a puppy event in the cafe.
How cute <3 

It's damn awesome that you can bring your pets over here and meet other pets and their owner, to  talk about their own experiences on keeping a pet.

I will say that it's a very artistic cafe :)
I have never take so much photo of a cafe's decoration than other thing in my other post. 

I believe that the owners have made a lot of effort on finding the tools and decorate this cafe.

All the tables and chairs are different and you can choose whether to sit on a round table
 or a rectangle table. 

I might come back again to try the others or maybe have some dessert and coffee :D

See you soon ;)


 016-922 7293 (Max)
Email: max@iam80scafe.com

35, Jalan SS4c/5,
Taman Rasa Sayang,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

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