How to have a perfect double eyelids

by - 5:49 AM

Most of the girls love having double eye lids. 
Because it make your eyes prettier and bigger <3

My puffy eyes when I just got up from my bed >.<

Like I have cried last night >.<

I am using this Eye Putti Glue from Sasa. 

Ps. Do not buy the cheap one from Daiso! Because it's not sticky at all. 
Wasted my Rm5 Rm5.30 :(

See the result <3 

And now I have perfect double eyelids :D 

One of the benefits using double eye lid glue is it's not obvious at all! 
And it's more natural than using the double eye lid tape <3

Besides that, you can adjust how thick you want your double eye lid to be ;)

Oh Mai Gosh! My eye bags >. >

Here's the tutorial for you guys, not made by me. 
But I just found it useful for those who want to learn ;)

Thanks for residing ;)
See you next time.

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