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Peekaboo ~ 
Hello there, it's a date <3

This is one of my plans for my semester break, hanging out with
 my lovers  friends in a cafe whole day :D

It's very nice to hang out with them ^.^ 
Because we can talk from west to east, and then from north to south, and 
we will never lack of topic :P 

That's how we work :D 

Selfie of the day ;D

Let me introduce them to you,
(From left to right) Me, Kei, and Suen 

They are my Mufy's best friends! Even though Suen is no longer studying at Monash, 
we still get to meet up once in a while ;) #friendship

Chilling ~ ~

They keep ask me to hold the phone (ni men qi fu wo) >.<
Don't you guys know that I have a big round face? :O 

Suen can't take nice photo, because she can't hold the phone properly :O
Kei was sitting in the middle and her hand is not long enough to fit all of us in the photo. XD
Thus, I am the most possible one to hold the phone >. >

If you haven't noticed, I was trying to crop my cheeks out from the pictures #hehe

Silly us :P

Trying to have a high angle photo, so that our faces are slim and long. 
But my face is still big and round :/ #failme

Let's get caffeinated ! :D
Mine is the ugliest one because Suen's coffee is too slow to be served >.<
Thus, her coffee art is the nicest one in this picture :O

Kei's coffee. She has chosen Caramel Latte (Rm12) 
because she can't drink coffee that's bitter :D 

Suen's drink. I think it's Cappuccino (Rm10) if i am not mistaken. 
It's quite bitter, but still acceptable for me and Suen, but not Kei. 
I don't know why Kei still likes to drink coffee when she can't bear bitterness. XD

My favourite coffee <3 Mocha (Rm12). 
Suen said that it has a bit of durian taste, which I think it's because she has eaten too many 
of them last night :D 
And Kei still think that her caramel latte is the best XD

So that's all for today.

Thanks for reading ;)

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