Cheerleading Practice

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What do you think about cheerleading before you go to the practise?
Excited ! Cool ! Fun ! Looking forward ! ^.^

And now

What do you think about cheerleading after you go to the practise?
One word to describe: Exhausted !!!

No joke man! I know that it won't be easy to start cheerleading but .... I didn't expect it to be soooo tiring :( And now I am typing this post in front of my laptop with my cramped hands >.< It's very hard for me to even lift my hands or walk
I have to switch on my grandma slow-motion mode :3

I got muscle cramp for my whole body! From my shoulder, to my arm,
to my abs, to my butt, to my tights, and then to my calves :(
It hurts so much that I don't feel like moving at all.
I have an advantage of being as a base or flyer. Thanks to my height, I can be a flyer;
And also my weight, I can be a base :/

Before we start the movements, we have to warm up first, so that your body are prepared for the coming exercise. At first, I thought that their warm up will be the normal one, like stretching and do cardio exercise. But then it's actually stretching (as what I expected) and STRENGTH exercise! I'm the kind of person who don't have strength, like a paper doll. LOL. Umm I mean like a jelly doll, so weak, not tense at all.

I hate strength exercise, and that's why I have so many fats in my arms and belly. I prefer stretching and cardio exercise (jogging) more. They have done strength exercise like sit up (20times, 2 laps), lunges jump (20times, 2 laps), hand stand (leaning on the wall for 20 seconds, 2 laps) and others~ And now you know why I got those muscle cramps

During the practise, I got to try both as a base and flyer . And I prefer to be a flyer more
If I am as light as the feather ~
It's very nice to stand on people hands. Lol. I mean stand on the top :D

Those movements look quite easy, but you actually need a lot of strength, as a base and as well as a flyer. 
The problem is: I have no strength at all. :O Those who have smaller body size than me,
are actually have more strength than me (How can they even do that?)
I am surprised and impressed. (They are beginner like me too)
I think I have to work harder cut down my weight (lazy people), so that I won't have
 any difficulties to do some of the movements ( like lifting myself up).

These are the movements that I got to try. And I actually quite scared that I will fall down due 
to my weight or make the person fall. But fortunately, everything went quite well. :)

Before it comes to an end, we have to cool down. But then I don’t get to cool down at all lor.
 Cause the cheerleader asked us to do stretching (as expected), and cardio exercise like
 duck walk, kangaroo jump, caterpillar crawling, and side rolling T.T

Oh ya, we also get to choose the design of the cheerleading uniform before we went off. 
I have to admit that our cheerleader is very talented because all the design 
that she drew are so nice <3 I cant wait for the result and also seeing
myself with the uniform in front of the mirror :D

Thank you Monash Opinicus to give the chance to try out cheerleading,
and I will still go to the practice even thought it's very tired.
I am glad to be one of the Opinicus! Really :D

Work Hard, Play Hard <3

Photo taken few months ago at Monash :D
I love how the sky was painted that day <3

Good night ;)
Thanks for reading 

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