Tough life

by - 10:23 AM

Everyone has a tough moment in their life.

It's everyone's own perspective to judge whether it's a tough one or an easy one. I never like examination, but there's other people there love exams 😒 

A tough life can become an easy life, if one change their mind of thinking..... Hmm still digesting this sentence. 

I want to be successful in life, in term of studies, carriers, relationships and others. But things don't come easily.

I hate the way I keep finding other things to do, besides doing my work :3 
I'm not the kind of people who likes to read fiction, but when there comes to exam, I will suddenly have the passion to read it 😒 

It's SWOT this week and I thought that I'll spend more time on my studies. Which mean that I won't be blogging until my finals ended 😨 #whatatoughlife

But here, I am blogging :3 kekeke :P

As people grow older, people tend to become stronger. I am sure that I am not that innocent as I am, but i think that I have became ignorant. In terms that I won't be thinking so much if I am innocent, and I won't be dreaming that success will come by itself if I am realistic. 

A tough life can make a person stronger, or defeat a person 😞 

I not feel like doing anything right now 😩 OMG !! #stress
I change to another person when it comes to examinations. And I don't like that kind of me :( What can I do? How to change a person's mind from thinking pessimistic to optimistic ? I don't show it much and that's why people always think that I am always happy :/

Why's monash student so smart? I think that I got defeated by them. :( And I am embarrassed by myself. I hate people looking down at me 😒 
Ya monash students are smartass and uni students are smart, that's why they go to uni, instead of joining the workforce. 

I sometimes regret that I'm taking business, instead of other art subject. But what can I do besides business? I haven't made up my mind, and that's the problem 😱 Who can I blame ?  Blame myself la ~

Bla~ Should continue studying d~ bye :3

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