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Short hair. What most of the girls won't dare to try. First, it's because they think that they're prettier with long hair and it makes them more girly.

But then, it might not be true because there are still a lot of girls who look prettier with short hair and still look goddess. Those who said that they're not girly enough, it might not because of their hairstyle, but because of their act.

Secondly, it's because they want to attract guys unconsciously. As a lot of guys like girls with long hair. I saw some cases like guys threatened their girlfriends not to cut their hair short -.-

But girls, please bear in mind that it's your hair, and you have the authority to decide it yourself. No one can decide them for you. If he likes you, he will like you for who you are, not for the sake for your long hair. If he dumped you because you cut your hair, that kind of guy doesn't worth your love.

I have always wanted a long and smooth hair, but my hair decided not to grow well. So, I cut them short, rather than seeing them becoming dead weed. I don't know why my hair is so unhealthy now. Back then, I used to have a long straight thick hair. I just miss them :/

The world is changing, everyone is changing, and I shouldn't hovering at the same spot. It's time to move, babeh ;) I still miss long hair though, but I love short hair too. In Malaysia, where 365 days are summer, short hair has become more comfy to me. And I feel fresh after cutting my hair short :D Short hair makes my feature more outstanding (fat -.- according to 'someone').

Hair will grow, even it needs a very long period of time. But sometimes, it's boring to stick on the same thing. It's time for a change, not for anyone, but for yourself :)

Straight short hair. Mine is almost like this, which brings a pure and naive kind of next door little sister's feel. This hairstyle is simple and nice and suitable for all kind of people.

Inner Curl hairstyle, which is quite suitable for those thin hair. Because this hairstyle will make your hair looks fluffier and more volume.

C-Curl Curve. I wanted to do this kind of hairstyle at first, because I think that it's very nice. But then I am scared that I will look more mature :3 

Korean wavy look. We actually can do this kind of natural-curl ourself. Because according to the salon, they said that this kind of hairstyle is temporary one, which is curled using the curler. My mom wanted to do this one, when she saw one of the actress in the drama XD

 Perming the hair is permanent one, and it will create a more curvy look to your hair.

So nice <3

Okay, one last selfie before I chop them off :P


Can you see something at the right side corner? 
Grayish also want take picture with me XD 

Peekaboo~ Matching outfit with sistar ;) 

Do you think short hair suit me? Comment below to let me know.

Love this song :D Hope you guys enjoy it ;)

Bye ~

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