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Hey yo my lovely blogs! Imma back after all the exams :D 

Have you guys being stress the past few months and wanna get a small getaway
 from all the works and stress? 
Here, I am going to tell you a very nice place, where the place look like a castle, and people treat you like a princess ^.^ Hahah erm maybe not exactly like a castle la, but the place is luxurious, and you are really treated like a princess :) 

Erm this post is gonna be a picture heavy post :P
So, please be aware ~ Yes, I have warned you

So this is me before heading out :)

The typical kind of people who take photo in the lift :P 

This is the first sight of 'love' when the door of the lift opened :P

Hahaha silly me :P

I think I am little bit obsessed to myself :P #找亮点

A selfie shot in the washroom :) 
We are required to wear their clothes, and put all our stuff in the locker. It is very convenient that we do not have to bring anything there, as they will prepare all the things for you.

Have any idea what's at our back? Yup! It's the locker ~ 
The locker is actually quite safe to put your belongings there, so you no need to about it 

We went in at around 1.30pm, so we had our lunch at their restaurant after changing our clothes.

Don't misunderstand :P I am actually not a vegetarian. It's just that I forgot to take a picture of my main course :P

*The food are all HALAL ;)

Mocha and hot chocolate after my lunch :D 
There is a cafe for us to enjoy our high tea and their drinks are fine, but sorry not for the cakes XP 
They do not have much choices for the cakes, so ya~ Hope that they can improve it la

We are not allowed to take picture in the spa area, so this is overall what we can do in the women's spa area. It is included the fish spa, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi spa and a snack area. 

*The man's area are different from the woman's area. That's why it's more expensive for man

Me and my second drink after spa ^.^

There's this big nice mirror in the gym room :O 
People exercising, me selfie-ing :P


Time goes really fast when I was there, and it's dinner time 

OMG my favourite cuisine <3 But why they don't have raw salmon :(

Dessert again ^.^

So we went to explore the place after we had had our dinner
To digest the food and go for second round XD LOL #justkidding
This place is for full body massage, where only ladies are allowed :P

Guess what?

The chandelier ~

The view where I took the photo for my sister :)

Look! There is this red hot guy looking at me >.< Imma so shy now

Okay, I know that Imma an attractive babe <3 

They have 2 cafes, one is I showed you earlier, and one is this. This cafe's art work is prettier than the first one. And it allows ladies to go in only :D What a privilege for ladies like us 

When we are waiting for our drinks ~ Took tons of them but posted 3 here XD

I am not sure that we have drank how many cups of hot chocolate on that day :P
But I have to say that the barista is very talented ! 
See how pretty his works are ! 

They ignored me >.< 

Supper before I go to sleep ~zzz
They provided a sleeping area, but you have to give extra Rm10 for it.
If you do not feel like paying the Rm10, you can choose to sleep in the cinema, Tv area, massaging area or even the resting area. 

Yup, they have a small cinema, but I didn't go in because I don't know all the movie >.<

Did I mentioned that they provide all the things for us? Just for our teeth, they provided Colgate, Darlie, and even child's toothpaste for us :D

For our shower, they provided shampoo, body wash, conditioner and also facial wash ^.^
Ya, we can go there with empty handed

They also provide skin care products like toner, moisturising cream, body lotion & powder, contact lens solution, hair spray, cotton bud, and cotton. 
It's like a home, where all the things that you need are all well prepared over there :D 

Yay, we are like twinies even though we are not :D

Okay, I am still awake at this time >. > 
I don't know that a lady can actually snore this loud until the whole resting area is 
surrounded by her snoring 

*I was sleeping at the resting area with my sister and cousin, because we don't want to pay the extra Rm10 :P (extra Rm30) Some of our parents were sleeping in the massaging area, and some paid to sleep in the sleeping area. I should follow them >.< 

Okay morning~ 

Had my western breakie with a yogurt. Didn't sleep well for the whole night and I woke up super early without my alarm clock. Such a rare case :3

After our breakfast, we went to have our spa again before we leave the place.
And ya, we also had our quick lunch, as our check in time is 1.30pm. 
We are required to check out 30 minutes earlier, so that they won't extra charge us for one more day, even 1 more minute late. 

Okay, one last mirror selfie before I change the clothes :P

Don't feel like leaving this place :(

Before I leave the place :)

this the real candid shot yo :P

I gained so much of weight within 24 hours >.< 
Can you see all the meats that hang on my cheeks ? :O

And now you know how my dark circles came :3


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