Father's Day @ Jogoya Buffet Starhill Gallery

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Happy Father's Day to all the Papa in the world :D 

           I have celebrated Father's Day with my uncles few weeks ago at Jogoya Japanese Buffet.

With all the good foods here, I gained another kg :P *cough*cough*

Sushi <3 We love sushi :D
I am not sure how many plates of sushi we have eaten. But it's heaven there  <3

Lobster mou ;)

Smoked duck :D

The cod fish <3

Grandma was eating steak with her chopsticks happily :D


This drink doesn't taste that bad or that good

Ribena ? I am not an alcoholic. 
But I feel warmer after drinking it ^.^

All the sushi are arranged nicely above the ice to keep them fresh.

 I love raw salmon among all the raw fish, how about you? :)

Besides Japanese cuisine, they also provide Hong Kong cuisine, which is dim sum :)

Hot Pot is provided too :D 

Did you notice the word on the top left corner? It's written 中华 (Chinese cuisine)
You can order the food at the counter, and they will serve it to your table once they're done. 
Chinese people, especially those older generations, likes to eat food that are cooked and hot.

Westerm foods, like Smoked duck, Pasta, Filled fish, steak, and etc are available too!

Dessert <3

My favourite chocolate fountain is here too <3

Mochi or bird nest or Lenglui? ;)

Their macaroon is nice <3 It's sweet but the cream inside made the sweetness just right. 
The macaroon is crispy outside, and soft inside. 
At first, I didn't expect much for the macaroon, due to the first try last time 
Surprisingly, it turned out quite well, and I love it. It seems that not all the macaroons are unappetising. <3

Haagan Dazs is here too :D There's 8 flavours available, and I have tried all 6 flavours ^.^
I like the red colour one the most. I think it's raspberry flavour because
 it's combination of sour sweet. 

Watermelon smoothies with a scoop of oreo ice cream and cookie 

Dragonfruit smoothies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cherry

Honey dew smoothies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and conflates 
Their smoothies are not that tasty as their look. :/

Cakes <3 

There's too many flavours of cakes over there, and we are not able to try all of them, as we can't finish them even though we take each flavour of them.

After stuffing so many foods in my stomach, I was very scared that I will get stomach ache :P

A cup of flower tea to make me feel better ^.^

Selfie with Min Min :)

Selfie with Xuan Xuan

Not sure what are we doing XD 

Groupfie with Wei Wei and Min Min :D

All trying very hard to squeeze in the picture XD 

Mom & Dad.
It's the month for mom and dad :D 

Mummy <3 

Mom passed by us, and claimed that she want to take photo with us :D

Thanks for the flash at the back yo :P


Pink&Black   //  White&Black

Sorry to say that my dad is not a good photographer :P 
 He can't take nice photo! :O 

No one of these photos is okay. 
It's either one is not ready yet, or one's eyes are closing, or one is looking at other place. 
Haiz~ daddy, you need some improvement la

Anyway, once again..
Happy Father's Day :D 

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