It's time to party

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I have done all my exams and my holidays started this week. That's why you can see that I am so free updating my blog :D And also updating my drama ~

I just hope that when my holidays end, I won't feel like falling off the cliff >.< 
That's mean, I hope that I won't be facing results that are too bad. **Pray Hard**

I have planned some interesting  activities for my holidays, so that I can make a good use of it :D 

First, I will go to my friend's house for an overnight. Then I can go to one of the biggest night markets in Selangor at Setia Alam. I have been wanted to go there since I know that place. 
My friend told me that the night market is quite different from the normal night market, because the place is full of foods! She said that it's like Taiwan night market, where you can shop until midnight, and still have a lot of people there. As the normal night market, you will find that some of the stalls are closed after 11pm.

Then I will go for some part time jobs to earn some income for myself. No classes mean no income for me >.< This photo was taken last year. I helped my mom in her company during an event. And so this year, when she asked me whether I want to help out again, I said YES without any hesitate :D 
Because I need money so badly xP

The Owl Cafe <3 They look nice right? 

Omg, I am hungry

Clawset Cafe <3 See these fluffy balls :D 
So cute ~

I am going to explore all these new cafes <3 I love going out with my friends and chilling in the cafe for the whole day. Yup, the whole day, but the thing is we must be very close. Or not, we will be run out of topic and sitting in the cafe awkwardly. Cafes like The Owl Cafe, Haraju Cube and Clawset Cafe, are the ones that I have wanted to go <3 So, to achieve this, I am required to work first! 

Work Hard, Play Hard! 

I am going to have a good swim! I have not swim for a very long time. And I miss swimming ~ 
I am not a good swimmer, but at least I know how to float in the water :P 
Few weeks ago, when I was still having exams, my cousin invited me to join them for a swim, but I rejected them :( That time, I was struggling in between studies and swim. And then, yup, I chose to study, and look at them changing their swimming suit and jump into the water happily >.<

*That's not my legs or hands :P

Fictions! I am going to read all these books and watch all the movies during the holidays. I am reading the Divergent now, and I love it <3 It's really a nice book! The language is not too hard for me and the story line is interesting :)
One of the things that I love about Monash is that you can ask them to buy any books that you want, and then borrow them from Monash :D You can save a lot of cost for buying the books! I don't reread or rewatch the same book or movie if I have read or watched it. That's why borrowing a book or CD from the library is the best choice for me :D 

From top left to right: Who are you school 2015, Producer, Orange Marmalade, Birth of beauty, Hogu's love, The girl who see smells 
Drama ! People who know me well, or even some of the people who don't know me well, also know that I love watching dramas <3 Especially Korean dramas. Korean dramas are always love <3 
The reason I choose Korean drama, and not Taiwan drama is because Korean drama is always more creative than Taiwan drama. Some of the Korean dramas are unpredictable, while most of the Taiwan dramas are predictable. And also you might question me why not Cantonese drama? Erm...
Hahah this is because I am not good in Cantonese, even though Cantonese dramas are creative and unpredictable too. And ya, I have a k-pop sister and I am influenced by her. 

So, that's all for now. I hope that I won't waste my time during the holidays
And I am going to fill my holidays with all these fun activities  :D 
Hooray to holidays ! Happy Holidays Monashians~ 
*I know some of the schools are having classes now. Goodluck to you, who do not have holidays ;)

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  1. a lot of things to do during your holiday hor ? I haven't think of what to do yet.

    1. Think it now la :D The holiday just started only ma ;)

  2. Where is exercising in your plan ? 😏

    1. Erm... swimming! haha. Swimming is one of the exercise right? :P Im so last to go monash to gym la