Food that you must try at Setia Alam night market

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Few days ago, I went to Setia Alam night market with my friends. It has been awhile since we go out together since our sem break started :D 

I was very excited to see them and to the longest night market in Selangor. It is estimated 2.4km long and the road is full of foods, accessories and clothes. The first half of the road is filled with Malay stalls and the other half is filled with Chinese stalls.

Thanks to my friend, who lives in Setia Alam, brought me to this place. The place is very crowded and hot, but I still enjoyed myself there :D So, here are the things that she recommended to me :) 

*We bought all the foods back to my friend's house because we don't want to crowd with the people
I just realised that I didn't take the photo of the stall and it might be difficult for you to know which stall is it >.<

Asam Laksa! There is more than 2 Asam laksa stall in the night market. My friend recommended me the stall that she thinks is the best for me. I still can remember the colour of the workers shirts are red in colour and the stall is somewhere at the middle. I noticed that the stall is full of people, some were enjoying their food there, while some were taking away the food. Despite they sweat a lot, they are still willing to sit there and enjoy. 

The toufu fa and soya bean milk are very nice and cheap. The queue is always long and the business of the stall has never stopped before. The toufu fa is Rm1.50 and the soya bean milk is rm1.40, which are relatively cheap compared to other place. Both of them are homemade and you can choose either cold or hot one. 

Korean kimchi rice cake (teokboki) is always one of my favourite korean food of all <3 It's Rm8 per box and I think the price is okay :) This is my first time seeing people sell this in a night market and there's only one stall that is selling kimchi pancake and kimchi rice cake. I just hope that I can see it in PJ night market and I will go there every week <3

Kit BBQ fried squid (Rm8). My friend loves chewy stuff like squid, and octopus. 
Conversely, I hate them >.< I don't like to eat chewy stuff! Not even if they're fried or steam or with sauce. My friend said that I don't know how to enjoy good food :3 keke

Taiwan sausages (Rm2 each). The smell of the sausages are so good until I feel guilty. It's like I am tasting the sausages, but I am actually smelling it.

I love Ai Yu Bing more than any bubble tea :D Adding some passion fruit in the drink, make it a bit sour and it's healthier than any other soft drink. This is why I love it so much :)

You can find a lot of foods like Taiwan smelly tofu, macaroon ice cream, pan mee, fried durian, popiah ice cream, baked bird eggs, fried lala and oyster omelette and other exotic snacks, which you will hardly find in a normal night market. 

We have tried to buy all the food there, but it seems impossible for us >.< There's too many choices and all of them look so good! I hope that I live there :P

Jalan Setia Prima A U13/1
Setia Alam
Shah Alam

Every Saturday 

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