Creative Birthday Card Ideas

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This is the Spinning Card :D A moving spinning cow that represent my sister :D 
If you ask who are representing the goat and the piglet, I would say no one ~ 
I just feel like putting it to make the card look nicer ^.^

If you really want me to say, I would say the goat is me and the piglet is my elder sister 
This is because I am always peaceful like the goat and my elder sister likes to sleep like the pig :P

I love making this kind of art work but I can't draw :( 
That's why all the cards that I made, do not require any drawing :P 
I always make sure that either I can draw it very nice, or I will just print them nicely.
I do not want my ugly drawing skills to ruin the whole card :D

Oh ya, And I purposely made a ribbon origami to fill up the left corner of the card and a small pigeon hole for me to put a letter in it. 
Words always help us to express our feeling better than anything else.
I am really glad that she loves it <3 Love ya sis :)

This is the exploding birthday card that my younger sister and I did for our elder sister.
As you can see, we have used 3 different colour papers, which are all pink. 
Not because we love pink (Okay, I do love, but my younger sister don't),
 my elder sister love pink A LOT. She's like everything must be PINK XD 

I was that kind of people that everything must be pink. But I think that I have changed my favourite colour to white  :P I do still love pink colour, but maybe not that obsessed d.

If you have noticed, there's a silver object in the middle of the box. At first, I didn't put that in it. But then I feel that it's quite empty there and so I decided to add it. 
Do you know what's that silver object? 
It's actually a birthday cake XD I know that it's weird :P
And there's no silver cake in this world, and it doesn't look tasty if there's really one existed.

But I just feel like adding some pixie dust on them :D To make it look "special"
And I put a candle on top of the cake, to make the cake looks more like a birthday cake :D 

This is the endless card, which I made for my beloved friend, Shi Kei! She loves this kind of hand made card, and so I decided to make this to make her feel special <3 
I am sorry that I didn't make any card for you Suen >.< 

So, I went around the school and find people who she knows and asked them to write some wishes for her :D Luckily we are not in the same class for some of the units 
Or not it will be super difficult for me to finish the task and it will be like a mission impossible ~

The other challenging part is that not everyone is free when I am free from Shi Kei XD
Some of them are having classes and I can't call them out just to write the card right. That's why I was quite worry about the spaces in the card :P

Fortunately, I managed to ask most of her friends to write their wishes for Shi Kei and I didn't expect that it went so well that the card is filled with wishes. 
I expect that they'll be some blanks in the corner or what. Luckily I didn't make the card so big :P Or it's because of I didn't expect that she actually are surrounded by so many friends? XD 

There's time when I was nearly get caught by her. I was damn scared that I acted weird 
unconsciously. Luckily, she is quite a blur person  Imma a good actor :D 
Hahaha okay, I am not :P  So, I hope that you love it and will appreciate it, Shi Kei ;)

Three of these cards are easy to make, and if you want me to say which one is the hardest one. I will say the exploding box is the hardest of all. Not only it requires a lot of colour paper, it need a lot of  effort to finish it. That's why it is the only card that I didn't made it myself :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed it and it brings some inspiration for you to do some creative cards for your loves one :D Good Luck <3

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