Cat in the box @ Empire Damansara

by - 4:33 AM

Above the sky, what makes the world bright :)

Love the big clear glass that reveal the nature outside the building,
 but one that is considering me is the dazzling sun that pokes into my eyes, and the temperature that makes me feel warm

Free magazines and books for you to chill over there. 

Who's coffee is this?

哦, 原来是有人的。
It seems like the cup of ice latte (Rm12) have found its owner :)

Hot Latte (Rm10) and Roy Chon Sandwich (Rm15) are fine :)

Nothing much I can say about the latte and sandwich because they just taste the way they are. 
Nothing too strong, or too light. They're just like normal them.

Hot chocolate (Rm10)

Juice and cakes are available too <3

Chicken Potato Pie (Rm13), Callebaut Brownie (Rm10)and Fancy Curried Lamb Pie(Rm15)

I prefer the chicken potato pie than the curried lamb pie because I think that the curry flavour is quite strong, and it doesn't suit the pie well :/
And the salad, I don't like the sauce, which is sour. I prefer thousand island more and I would rather eat the plain salad than putting that sour sauce. Because it's really sour! 
For the brownie, I like it very much. The chocolate taste is very strong and I love it <3 But it's quite pricy for just a small piece. 

Next station: Happiness 

The environment is very nice and chilling, but the foods here are quite pricy and ordinary. 
Nothing much I can say, and this is my review for this cafe :) 
No offence. Different people have different taste 

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