A day out with the bestie

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This is a super late post, before my examination started
It happened around 2 weeks ago ~ :)

After my monthly test, I suddenly have the urge to go to karaoke, 
so I tweeted it in my twitter :p 
And this is what I received back :D A bestie reply. 

We went to Neway Karaoke, which is at the SS2 outlet. 
I am surprised when they gave us a 4-6 people room, where we only have 3 people on that day :D 
Their room is better than the Red Box Karaoke, because I went to Red Box last year and the room is quite small and have the smoke smells, which I don't like :( 

But my friend said that she likes Red Box more because the karaoke machine is nearer to our site XD 
She has short sightedness, and she wear it when she is studying 
That's why she can't see the karaoke machine, which is not beside her, clearly :D 

A matching ootd with her coincidently  ^.^ (white top, black bottom)

With my beloved sister yo ;)

Selfie ~ 

Selfie again :) 

As usual, they provide food and beverage for each customer and it's start from Rm12 (student price)
My sister had ordered Thai fried rice, mine is chicken chop rice, and my friend one is western breakfast (Forgot to take FOTD :P) 
Was busying singing and eating at the same time :P
We are good at  #multitasking

They also provide free salad during 11-1pm (if I am not mistaken) 

Those who can play with me are either those who can endure me, 
or those who can play along with me  
So, you can see my friend is which one of them :) 

I have known one for 17 years ( my sister :P) and one for 7 years 
And I hope our relationships can last until we go to heaven  :D #appreciate 

A group OOTD while waiting for the lift and got attracted by the reflection. :D 
Can you see that we are trying very hard to stretch our legs out ? HAHAHAHA 
Ok, we are short ,  I am short :P

Good night ;)

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