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Yo peeps :D It''s dessert time 
Are you excited? ^.^

The weather in Malaysia is getting hotter and hotter, 
but I am the hottest one :D haha #OverConfident 

Korean Bingsu has been very popular in Malaysia because of the weather and less people open up Bingsu Cafe in Malaysia. Unlike in Korea, bingsu for them is like our Cendol or/ Ais Kacang. 

So today, I am going to blog about this Ow:l Espresso that is well-known in bingsu :)
At first I thought that Ow:l Espresso is the same as The Owls Cafe. So i was very excited to go there to try their waffles.But then, when I reached there, I was shocked that they don't sell waffles, but bingsu :O 

Ah~ nevermind... it's just another blur case of me :P

Their cakes are in the range of Rm12-14. 

Their coffee, non-coffe, ice blended and tea~

If you thought that they only sell dessert, then you're wrong!
They also make pizza and toast for people who want to eat lunch 

They have recommended their best sellers, which are Brownie and Mango Cheese Bingsu
So we chose the Brownie Bingsu and the Red Bean Injelomi Bingsu. 

Oh ya, they have also invented a new flavour, which is durian,
 and it's now in limited promotion :3 

Cute table + Free Water while waiting for my bingsu :)

Red Bean Injelomi Bingus, Rm 15 for regular size and Rm28 for a big size. 
We have ordered the regular one and it's Soya Bean Powder at the top with some read bean and Korean rice cake, which taste like mochi. 
If you like soya a lot, you might want to try this as their soya is very nice :)

At the back one is Brownie Bingsu, which they have recommended to us. It's rm16 for regular size and Rm28 for the large size. We have ordered the regular one as well and I love their chocolate <3
Okay~ I love everything which is with chocolate taste :P
They have put some diced almond ( if I am not mistaken), choc ice cream, choc syrup and some cube brownie and I love the combination ^.^

Chilling ~



#model ?


Selfie in the car coz someone fetched me there :D 

So that's all for today, and it's just a short post blogging about me hunting good food :D 

Information time 

Address: A-02-1 (1st Floor), Menara Rajawali, Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya

Tel: 03-5612 4826

It opens everyday from 10am to 12am :)

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