Mother's day @ Morganfield @ E-Curve

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Last update: 4th of May

WHAT!? My last update was a week ago? :O 
I didn't update my blog for 1 week d? 
Hmm.. ok maybe you're not interested in whether I got update my blog frequently, because you're just a random reader or you have just pressed in this blog accidentally :/

Anyway, I was really busy few days ago ~ 
I spent a week for my Management assignment, Economics tutorial test, and Accounting assignment. I was required to write a 3500 words of report for my Management assignment and the due date was on Monday. Then I have my Economics tutorial test, which is on Tuesday ( I have ruined up my mid-term and I can't ruin this up >.<). My Accounting assignment, where there is a lot of questions that are out of syllabus :O

Besides that, I am also the sub committee for the Monash Entrepreneurship Club (MEC). MEC is having an event called The Convention, and I have the booth duty for people to register themselves to come to The Convention last week. 

It's like everything come together when the semester is going to end soon. >.<

So, I am grateful that I have a break for myself on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day with my family and relatives :D

What ? I can't find a selfie of myself on that day ? XD After taking so many photos and there's no selfie ? hahaha oh well.....At least I found this ^.^

 Happy mother'a day Mama <3 The woman who I can't live without ^.^
 #TypoInEverySnapchat XD 

After selfie-ing with mama, must selfie with papa too! Or not papa will jealous :D 

Was waiting for the food, and we have fully utilised our time to snap a lot of photos :D
But I am going to post some only, don't worry that I will spam them here :)

Oh wait! I actually found one, but it's quite blur :P 

The portion of this tray of food is DAMN BIG!! 3-5person for 1 tray is recommended ! 

It is a combination of 3 types of ribs, 3 types of sausages, 3 corns, french fries, 3 muffins, salads with their special sauce. 

Elder sister has ordered their beef steak, which is Rm60 ! :O 
It's quite pricy, but dad is paying for it :D


Omg I found this picture so sweet <3 

* Jie Jie anti-social :3

So overall of the week is not bad at all because of the food <3 hehe #thankspapa

Info for Morganfield's Restaurant

Official Website :

Outlets in Malaysia: Pavilion Kl, Publika, E-Curve, IOI City Mall, Empire Shopping Gallery, etc

*You can place your reservation at their official website   :)

So, that's all for today ;) Good night ~

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