Finding Humour in Everyday Life

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Recently, I have attended a talk, which is organised by the Monash Counselling Department. 

The name of the talk is "Finding Humour in Everyday Life" and I think that it's important to find your humour everyday to prevent from getting older :D LOL~

When my friends heard that I was going to this talk, their expression was " Huh? Are you serious? Why? You seem to be so happy everyday, why do you need it?"

And my answer is "I don't know ....I might look happy out site, but not inside :P" 
I always make myself smile, even though I am sad inside :/ I just don't want to spread my sadness to the people around me. What for doing that? To show people that your life is so miserable and make your friend's life so hard? :/

This talk is carried out by Mr. Suresh. Yup, I still can remember his name :D He is a very funny person, and talking to him, makes me happy :) Because he is a very warm person, and he makes me laugh so hard during his talk. 

I am the kind of person, who is very quiet when you first saw me. I can become really HYPER when you start to know me. :P I act like a crazy woman when I am comfortable with you, and ya~ all the silly things will come out automatically XP Please be grateful ah people ~ I don't show that to other people one ok :P

I think that what Mr. Suresh said, had really given a great positive impact towards me. And I think that I should share it here with you guys ^.^

He warmed us up, by asking us to separate into some groups and then asked us to follow the music and dance XD At first, I was like "Huh? Really want meh?", but then it really helps to warm us up. Luckily, he didn't use the tranditional way: The Ice Breaking ~ LoL

Then, he played some funny video before he starts his presentation :)
So, how to find humor in everyday life ?

  1. Learn to laugh like a baby

Laugh like a baby? Hmm, it seems easy right? 
But how about when you're upset or angry?
I still can remember what my friend told us, nothing in out life is easy, even breathing, 
there is a right way for us to breath. Yup, that's right !

     2. What make you joy?

Money ? Relationship? Or Success? 

For me.... What makes me happy?
Definitely, dessert <3 
I love dessert! I love chocolate, ice cream, cake, and just every dessert :D
Do you know that STRESSED spelled backward is DESSERTS? 

     3. Mojo VS Nojo
First, what is mojo? Mojo is a kind of magic power /or spell.
You have to find your mojo and there is some characteristics for a mojo people.

A mojo people will take his responsibilities for his future.
 He will find what he is interested in and  job that he likes. I still haven't found my mojo :( Still don't know what I am interested in and don't know what I am going to do in my future. I am currently studying business and I am scared when people asking me" Why are you taking business? What are you going to do after graduate?" All this questions might be easy for some of you but sadly, not me :( The only thing that I can tell is: because my mom ask me to do so, and she told me that I can go to work anywhere I like if I study business. I genuinely admire those who know what they want and what they dream of. 

After finding what you're interested in, move forward!
Think of how to achieve it and just do it! Do things that will make you happy, things that you'll still do, even though it's hard to achieve. If you don't know what you want to do, you'll be forever going nowhere without a destination.

Now, you found something that you like. Then, run extra mile to achieve a better result!
You can always stand still and do nothing much about your work. But please bare in mind that this will make you to become just a normal employee /or student. For those who run extra mile, they'll take the initiative to ask for extra work, and therefore they will get a higher pay as well as more satisfaction. It's like you are the few one who work extra, and you won't face the "traffic jam" to the destination, where others have to compete in a high population to go to the same goal.

Love doing the work!
 Sometimes, it is not "Do what you love, but Love what you do". You have to appreciate the opportunity that you got. You have to know that the opportunity that you got is not easy to come, and some people might want it as well. Those opportunities might make you to become a better person and might be useful in your future. So appreciate it and make the best of it to show the inspirational side of you.

Be grateful what you have!
Be curious of everything that happened in you life. I believe that everything happens with a reason. Sometimes, when you  can't find the reason of something, it doesn't mean that there's no reason for it. Be grateful that what's happened in your life, even though you're in the hardship. I know that this is easy to say, but hard to be grateful. But you won't feel extra happy, if there's no hardship in your life. And your life will be full of boringness.

Zest for life! 
Having enthusiasm and energy toward your life, will make you feel better. And also it won't make you feel like a dead-zombie, waking up at 6am everyday. You will be looking forward every now a day, and make you alive again :D Everything will look beautiful and awesome ;)

Oppositely, things that represent a nojo person will be like Victim, March in place, Just want to get by, Have to do it, Tolerate the requirement, Endure it, Painful to be around, Lethargic, Lazy, Zombie-like, and Living dead.

So, choose what you want to it :) the choices are always in your hand.

     4. Enjoy doing things that you don't like 

How do you learn to enjoy doing something you don't like?
First, you have to change your brain, the way your mind thinks. What your brain tells you are not always correct. For an example, what your brain will tell you when someone told you that the midterm test paper is going to be hard? You will start to panic, and your brain can't concentrate, which make you score badly right?  What if you didn't listen to what the other said? You might score better right? So, here goes same to the work that you don't like. Your brain will tell you that it's hard to achieve or/ it's not interesting, which make you don't like doing it.

I have been disliked history since Form1. I always fail my history, which make me frustrated. I have hated this subject until Form4, when my teacher changed the method to teach us. At first, I still can't accept it, but then I slowly changed my mindset, and accept it as it's quite an interesting subject and it's not that hard to score well. And now I scored A in my SPM :D

Finding the value of the things that you don't like is hard. There's always a value for something. Even the cheapest air has its value. Without it, you can't breathe and you'll eventually die due to the lack of air. So, find the value of doing the things that you don't like, and set it as a goal. See the positive side of it, and you will slowly in love with it ;)

You can also compare with the worse one, if it will make you feel better. Like what I just said, everything happened with a reason. For an example, if someone scolded you for no reason, it must be something bad had happened to him. You shouldn't get angry on him, but you can pity him by saying thinking "Poor thing, he had such a bad day :/ But wow he had released his frustration on me! I must be helped him XD How good I am ~ "

     5. Motion=Emotion 

Do you know that what you do are actually represent your emotion? When you smile, it represents that you are happy; when you're scolding someone, it represents that you're angry; when you're crying, it represents that you're sad over something. So, to make yourself happy everyday, you have to change your motion first. There is cases like when you're smiling and saying '"I am fine", but your tears just came out unconsciously? Do you think that the person will think that you're actually perfectly fine or what? This shows that motion=emotion, and sometimes we just can't stop it, because it happened unconsciously! (Lol obviously~)

 For an example, when you're angry, you won't listen to anything, and this is when all the hurting words came in. Cool yourself down and say STOP to all the negatives and complains. Take the courages to change your motion from arguing to compromise and tolerate. SMILE like an idiot if you can't stop thinking the negatives~ This might make you feel better, because it's funny smiling at nothing XD Even though it's stupid, you can just give it a try! It might make you feel better ;) It's quite useful for me, sometimes :P

Who don't want a easier life? Smile to every hardship that you have gone through. And you will realise that life is not that hard though ~ 

So, here comes to the end of my blog, I hope you guys enjoy it and it is helpful for you.
So it's time for me to sort out what I have missed and what I really want before it's too late :)
Cheers ~

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