After Black @ Sunway

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Hi there, lovelies <3 
How is your day? ^.^ Is all going well?

Why not monday blue? Because something excited is going to happen today :D 
Erm not that excited also la hahahaha :P
It's just that my beloved friend, Shi Kei is going to turn 19 tomorrow :D 
We celebrated her birthday early at After Black :)

I love the cover of their menu. I think that it's very artistic :D

We have mainly ordered the food in this page, because we can choose to mix and match the main dish and pasta/ black rice that we want :) 
( All the foods are inclusive GST :D Good right?)

I have ordered The cheese baked assorted mushroom with aglio olio pasta (Rm15.90). If you're mushroom lover, you should definitely choose this! Their sliced mushroom are so gigantic, and I can't really accept it because I am not really a mushroom lover :P I thought that their mushroom are in a smaller size one. But I totally love their cheese <3 Yum x2 ^.^

This is the garlic&herbs roasted chicken whole leg with aglio olio pasta (Rm17.90). 

The cheese baked chicken & mushroom with garlic mint tomato sauce pasta (Rm18.90). 
The colour of the tomato sauce are so fake right? XD but it's naturally like that :P
I think that their tomato sauce is not bad, because my friend finished it quite fast :D (So don't look at the appearance first ;)

Grilled chicken chop with sweet and sour pomelo BBQ sauce with chesse baked black rice. Their black rice is not bad though! I tried some of it from my friend :)

Selfie =)

Loving my flawless skin XD 

The decors of the shop :) 

If you think that I have forgot to write the details of the shop :P 
So here you go :)

Address : No 23, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway
Tel: 03-5613 2868

Have a nice day peeps ;)

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