Why Donate Blood ? | 5 Advantages of donating blood

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Even though it's my third time donating blood, I'm still quite afraid 😖 I still don't dare to look at the needle! When the nurse is going to poke the needle in my vein, I avoided my sight to the needle and keep staring at the ceiling. I'm still quite scared, so I keep convincing myself to face it. It's kind of challenge to me and I forced myself to do that so that I can become braver than I was. The feeling of overcome your fear and achieve the mission is quite nice

As a blood donor, I don't see any disadvantages for not donating it. I went to Sunway University myself during my break, just to donate blood. I have only 1 and a half hour to go to Sunway and have my lunch, because I have class later. I was walking to Sunway while having my onigiri :D

Read my blog for my experience on Blood donation ;)

So why? 

1. It makes you braver!

Definitely good for those who are coward. :P Hahaha. Okay, I think I should change my word to those who are timid ;) I am actually quite timid, hmmm sorta~ But sometimes I do things that are quite crazy or/ ridiculous.  This has trained my guts to do something that's impossible for me. Especially when someone dared me ;P So, like what I just said, doing things (donate blood)  that seem impossible for you, might make you to become a stronger person. :)

2. A gift of life

Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person, and a decision to donate you blood can safe a life. Even if your blood is separated into its components, like red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, they can be used individually for patients with specific condition.  The supply is forever not enough and there's not substitute for blood, only volunteer blood donor can save lives. You can no need to be a doctor to save life, and just be a blood donor ;)

3. Benefit yourself

Huh? Donate blood can help yourself? But how? Yup, that's right :D Donating blood really can help yourself when you need blood from other people. If there's a case that one has not donated blood and one has donated blood before, need the same packet of blood at the same time, the hospital will give you that packet of blood first, regarding that you have to bring the blood donation certificate to prove la. And also, blood donation gives you a proud feeling of rescuing someone's life, and it's beautiful :D  Tried it yourself, if you haven't tried it ;)

4. Help your families and friends 

Accident might happen. We don't know what will happen in the next second or/ minutes /or days or/ years. Your family or your friends might need blood one day (Choi! Touch wood x2). If you don't donate, and other people don't donate, where are you going to find the blood from hospital? In fact, 1 out of 3 people will need blood in their life from natural disaster, or emergency hospital. Spread the awareness to everyone and encourage them to donate blood :) 

5. Advantages from the public hospital 

For the first time you donate blood, you can get an outpatient treatment for free within 4 months. For the second time you donate blood within 12 months, you can get an injection of preventing Hepatitis B for free. And so on... with the benefits. The more you donate, the more you will get form the government. 

So, why not sitting there for an hour to get all these advantages? :D 
Before I end, I would like to thank University Malaya for having blood donation in Sunway University :D Thanks for reading ;)

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