Uncle Jang @ Solaris Mont Kiara

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Look ! Who is this person? :D 
It's Uncle Jang !! 

I have always wanted to try Dal-Galbi after watching those korean dramas
And now I have finally got the chance :D All thanks to my sister, who recommended to go there ^.^

Omg~ There's a disadvantage for blogging food :( 
Because it'll make you hungry :(
And now I am craving for Dal-Galbi again >.<

Everyone is given an apron, hanging at each of the chair 
*(Spot the red apron behind the Dal-Galbi :D)

The apron is quite dirty :/ But to prevent your shirt from getting the stain, 
it is better for you to wear it  :3 No choice~

This is their menu :)
I think my sister had ordered the normal one, because it's not very spicy~
The Dal-Galbi is included chicken chops, cabbage, sweet potato, and rice cake. You can add additional dish if you want :)

For us, 5 people, we have ordered 3 portion of chicken chops, 2 portion of rice cake and 2 portion of noodle and a plate of cheese. It's very fulling and I am very satisfied with the food XD  It costed around Rm100 included GST. (The meat is already Rm21/ portion)

Some people claimed that the cabbage is more than the rice cake, which is not true. 
If their cabbage is more than the rice cake, maybe it's because they have ordered too little of rice cake? 
Hmm I don't know. But mine is okay

We didn't follow the way they eat, because we didn't order the rice

Cheese <3 Sis had ordered cheese for the topping ^.^ Yum Yum 

My friend, who have tried Uncle Jang, said that it's quite greasy :/
But then I think that it's okay for me. 
Maybe they have gotten to the other outlet at Kota Damansara one?

They also provide some side dishes, which can be refilled, like lettuce, raw garlic, spicy bean paste, and sweet prickled onion :) Eat the lettuce or onion, if you think that it's greasy ^.^

Thanks for reading
Bye ^.^

For more information 

Address: Jalan Solaris 1, Solaris Mont Kiara, 05480 Kuala Lumpr, Malaysia.

Contact: +60 3-6211 2536

It's opened everyday at Solaris Month Kiara from 12-10pm

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